UCL Faculty of Medical Sciences


Innovation and Enterprise

The UCL Faculty of Medical Sciences is widely recognised as a world leader in biomedical science and therapeutic innovation. Our biomedical research capabilities and infrastructure span all stages of the translational spectrum from basic discovery science to proof-of-mechanism and clinical evaluation in patients. As Vice-Dean for Enterprise, Professor Rachel Chambers’ role is to promote Enterprise thinking, Entrepreneurship and Industry Engagement in order to deliver on our major potential in this highly competitive and fast-moving arena.

Innovation and Enterprise

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Translational Research Office

The aims of the TRO are to enhance the translational culture within UCL and to facilitate the translation of UCL’s basic and clinical research into therapies, techniques and medical products with therapeutic value. These aims are achieved through interacting with investigators, identifying translatable opportunities, advising on project progression strategy and accessing suitable funding. The TRO also provides project management expertise to steer programmes towards practical endpoints.

We are able to link investigators to the necessary resources (either internal or external) for projects at all phases - discovery, preclinical or clinical.

The TRO has specialist knowledge of the translational funding landscape. We provide assistance with translational funding schemes from the MRC (DPFS/DCS), Wellcome Trust, CRUK, NIHR and others.

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