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Innovation and enterprise

At UCL Medical Sciences, we've been at the forefront of international research for nearly 200 years. Our academics have played critical roles in the discovery of hormones, the immune system and the structure of DNA. Find out how we work with commercial and industry partners to make major breakthroughs and how we help organisations to innovate.
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Our strategic collaborations have the power to change the world. Together, with partners like AstraZeneca, our research breakthroughs bring a new understanding of disease.

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Expertise and consultancy

We help organisations to innovate. We enabled household brand L'Oreal to research ageing at the nanoscale and assisted in establishing a new international-calibre university.

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Technology and licensing

Innovation happens when medicine meets engineering, such as magnets to filter disease from the blood, or artificial intelligence to detect cancer. We also license our research.

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Potential cures for cancer? Novel ways of detecting dementia? Technology to prevent the spread of coronavirus? Meet our entrepreneurs who make this happen.

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Our students and graduates

Our inspirational students and graduates show original thinking, enterprising minds and a true sense of compassion. Discover their contributions to medical enterprise.

Study Medical Innovation & Enterprise

Our unique degree in Medical Innovation & Enterprise aligns business and medicine. We train innovators and entrepreneurs to become future leaders in the field of medical technology, and to develop and monetise their ideas.

Medical Innovation and Enterprise graduates are uniquely placed to succeed in a buoyant and competitive job market in biomedicine. They take away versatile skills, the ability to communicate, and a creative flair for business.

A final-year consultancy placement in industry provides opportunities to make valuable connections and gain vital work experience.

Our graduates benefit from UCL's global reputation and strong industry partnerships and will join alumni and academic staff already innovating in medicine.

BSc Medical Innovation & Enterprise

A UCL device to support breathing, based on a concept called continuous positive airways pressure (CPAP)