Innovation & Enterprise


For students

We’ll help you think and act like an entrepreneur. Whether you want to boost your employability, create your own business or solve global problems, we can help you make a difference and stand out from the crowd.

Develop your entrepreneurial skills

UCL students attending a training course at UCL BaseKX

Boost your employability, get to work on a business idea and make connections with like-minded peers through a range of workshops and events overseen by experienced entrepreneurs.

Start and grow a business

One of UCL’s entrepreneurs

Get your fledgling business idea off the ground with expert advice, practical support and networking opportunities.

Join the Hatchery startup incubator

UCL's Hatchery startup incubator at BaseKX

Get the work space, advice and connections that will help build your business by applying to UCL’s incubator programme.

Competitions for startup funding

UCL student pitching for startup funding

Develop your skills, test your ideas and access funding and support through competitions for entrepreneurs and startups.

Get a Start-up visa

UCL students and alumni

Set up and grow your business venture with sponsorship for a Start-up visa and extensive expert support.

Find entrepreneurship societies

A group of UCL students networking

Meet other like-minded students, build your network and share the experiences and ideas that can help you prepare for long-term success.

Commercialise your intellectual property (IP)

UCL phd student working in a lab

Find out how to go about turning your research into a marketable product or service.