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Find contact information for staff involved with entrepreneurship.

Jerry Allen
Jerry Allen

Director for Entrepreneurship

Email: jerry.allen@ucl.ac.uk

Jerry joined UCL in 2017 to grow UCL's entrepreneurial programme, developing future entrepreneurs and business leaders as part of the UCL Innovation & Enterprise Strategic Plan 2016-21.

He’s keen to nurture the vast entrepreneurial talent that exists among students, researchers, staff and the alumni network and to showcase UCL as a global leader in entrepreneurship.

Terry J Hosten

Operations Manager for Entrepreneurship  

Tel: 020 3108 7399 (internal: 57399)
Email: t.hosten@ucl.ac.uk

Terry provides a high standard of leadership, operational management and maintenance of facilities at UCL BaseKX. 

He has several years’ experience working in higher education, managing administrative, operational and facilities services. As a motivator of people with an excellent understanding of business processes and how to improve them, he’s helped create high-performance cultures with a focus on results.

Claire Gardner

Head of Entrepreneurship

Email: claire.gardner@ucl.ac.uk 

Claire leads on UCL Innovation & Enterprise’s entrepreneurship programmes and startup incubation activities.

Contact Claire about: 

  • our entrepreneurship programmes, including student, graduate and public programmes
  • online learning in entrepreneurship, including online workshops, pre-recorded digital programmes and digital networking events in entrepreneurship
  • specialist doctoral programmes in entrepreneurship
  • student and graduate startup incubation activities
  • collaboration and mentoring opportunities around entrepreneurship

Claire has worked in entrepreneurship at Oxford University and IDEALondon. Previously, Claire worked in lean operations (manufacturing and service organisations), developing bespoke executive education programmes.

Darius Gadeikis
Darius Gadeikis

Entrepreneurship Advisor

Tel: 020 3108 8616 (internal: 58616)
Email: d.gadeikis@ucl.ac.uk

Darius provides business advice, psychological wellbeing advice, and entrepreneurial mindset coaching for UCL students and alumni interested in entrepreneurship.

Contact Darius about:

  • entrepreneurial mindset coaching
  • our mentoring network
  • psychological wellbeing mentoring
  • our extracurricular entrepreneurship programmes

Darius is an entrepreneur with a background in psychology and mental health. He has over 10 years of experience working in higher education, helping students achieve and maintain high levels of resilience, engagement and motivation.

Jivko Hristov
Jivko Hristov

Entrepreneurship Advisor

Tel: 020 3108 6698 (internal: 56698)
Email: j.hristov@ucl.ac.uk

Jivko provides one-to-one business advice to students, staff and alumni. He supports UCL entrepreneurs to start their business ventures and grow them successfully.

Jivko has a proven track record of sound business acumen and extensive knowledge of the business cycle. He's down to earth and enthusiastic when supporting people who are on their enterprise journey.

Alexandra Isevski
Alexandra Isevski

Entrepreneurship Advisor 

Tel: 020 3108 9399 (internal: 59399)
Email: a.isevski@ucl.ac.uk

Alexandra provides business advice and coaching to UCL entrepreneurs located in the Hatchery incubator at BaseKX.

She’s an entrepreneur with a business and marketing background, and has experience of working with a wide range of businesses across all sectors.

Ruth Weir

Entrepreneurship Advisor

Tel: 020 3549 5122 (internal: 65122)
Email: ruth.weir@ucl.ac.uk

Ruth is responsible for delivering an engaging programme of entrepreneurship training for doctoral candidates across all UCL faculties. She’s also forging novel interdepartmental relationships and promoting the talent of UCL researchers. 

After graduating with a PhD in Neuroscience from UCL in 2013, Ruth worked for several years researching neurodevelopment, with a specific focus on autism, at the MIND Institute in Sacramento, California.