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Find contact information for staff involved with entrepreneurship.

Jerry Allen
Jerry Allen

Director for Entrepreneurship

Email: jerry.allen@ucl.ac.uk

Jerry joined UCL in 2017 to grow UCL's entrepreneurial programme, developing future entrepreneurs and business leaders as part of the UCL Innovation & Enterprise Strategic Plan 2016-21.

He’s keen to nurture the vast entrepreneurial talent that exists among students, researchers, staff and the alumni network and to showcase UCL as a global leader in entrepreneurship.

Terry J Hosten

Operations Manager for Entrepreneurship  

Tel: 020 3108 7399 (internal: 57399)
Email: t.hosten@ucl.ac.uk

Terry provides a high standard of leadership, operational management and maintenance of facilities at UCL BaseKX. 

He has several years’ experience working in higher education, managing administrative, operational and facilities services. As a motivator of people with an excellent understanding of business processes and how to improve them, he’s helped create high-performance cultures with a focus on results.

Ruth Weir
Dr Ruth Weir

Head of Entrepreneurship

Tel: 020 3549 5122 (internal: 65122)
Email: ruth.weir@ucl.ac.uk

Ruth is responsible for the planning and delivery of the end-to-end entrepreneurial training programme at UCL. 

Contact Ruth about:

  • working as a student entrepreneurship officer, supporting the delivery of our programmes
  • being a mentor for UCL startups
  • delivering inspiring sessions to the UCL entrepreneurship community

Ruth has a background in academic research, graduating with a PhD in Neuroscience from UCL in 2013. She will passionately talk about her own journey from academic researcher to entrepreneurship educator. 

Andreas Feller-Ryf

Entrepreneurship Advisor

Tel: 020 3108 5340 (internal: 55340)
Email: a.feller@ucl.ac.uk

Andreas provides one-to-one business advice to entrepreneurs and supports UCL startups at all stages to successfully grow and scale.   

Contact Andreas about:

  • our Hatchery incubation programme
  • advice on launching a business
  • funding and scaling strategies
  • general business support and coaching sessions

Andreas holds a MSc in International Business from the University of Warwick. He has in-depth entrepreneurial experience as founder of tech-startup WorldLabs.

Jivko Hristov
Jivko Hristov

Entrepreneurship Advisor

Tel: 020 3108 6698 (internal: 56698)
Email: j.hristov@ucl.ac.uk

Jivko provides one-to-one business advice to students, staff and alumni. He supports UCL entrepreneurs to start their business ventures and grow them successfully.

Jivko has a proven track record of sound business acumen and extensive knowledge of the business cycle. He's down to earth and enthusiastic when supporting people who are on their enterprise journey.

Sascha Olinsson
Sascha Olinsson

Entrepreneurship Advisor

Tel: 020 3108 4990 (internal: 54990)
Email: sascha.olinsson@ucl.ac.uk

Sascha is responsible for organising and running our SPERO programme, which provides entrepreneurial training for doctoral students and early career researchers at UCL. She’s also spearheading our new social entrepreneurship workshop.

Sascha has a background in academic research. Her PhD combined research from the heritage field with sustainable management approaches and social entrepreneurship.

Sascha has personal experience in thinking entrepreneurially, having forged her own way through academia with an innovative idea for social entrepreneurship in heritage management.

Justin Sawyer
Justin Sawyer

Entrepreneurship Advisor

Tel: 020 7612 6751 (internal: 06751)
Email: justin.sawyer@ucl.ac.uk

Justin is responsible for the delivery and planning of the UCL Hatchery Mentor Network. 

Justin is also a Co-lead for the Entrepreneurship Community of Practice. In this role he plans events and brings people together from across the university, especially those from an extracurricular and curricular context.

Contact Justin about:

  • becoming a mentor as a part of the Hatchery Mentor network
  • providing enrichment sessions to our mentors
  • the programmes offered by the Entrepreneurship team at UCL Innovation & Enterprise
  • joining the Entrepreneurship Community of Practice

Justin’s background is in applied linguistics and sociology. He has over 8 years of experience working in higher education in student-centred roles, supporting students to enrich their studies. He’s passionate about enhancing the student experience and providing entrepreneurial support.