UCL Division of Surgery and Interventional Science



Our work

3D Models of Health and Disease


Bioengineering & Surgical Technology

Biomaterials & Surgical Reconstruction

Breast Research

Gastroenterological Intervention

Head and Neck

Human Machine Interaction


Kidney Cancer Research

Materials Research

Mobility Devices

Nanomedicine & Surgical Theranostics


Perioperative Medicine

Precision Nano Systems & Advanced Therapy

Responsive Oncotherapeutics

Sport & Exercise Medicine

Surgical Innovation & Transplants



Our research departments

Tissue sample in a petri dish

Orthopaedics & Musculoskeletal Science

This research department delivers science-driven breakthroughs in the restoration of pain-free functional mobility and high-quality independent living.

Pink and violet plasma ball omitting colourful rays

Surgical Biotechnology

This research department brings together scientists, academic clinicians, and researchers to develop new technologies and translate them into clinical practice.

Embryonic stem cell research

Targeted Intervention

This research department brings together clinicians and scientists to develop highly targeted imaging, sensing, management, and energy-based interventions.

Research services

Surgical Interventional Group (Clinical Trials)

SIG provides infrastructure for studies led by surgeons and interventionists within any anatomical site. It has history of managing large-scale multi-centre, multinational randomised controlled clinical trials in solid tumours.

Tissue Access for Patient Benefit

TAPb facilitates the access, storage, use and transfer of human organs, cells, and tissue between clinical centres within UCL and a range of institutions to help researchers access the materials they need.