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UCL IOMS Research Webinar Series

This monthly seminar series welcome world-leading academics and clinicians from UK and abroad to share latest research and clinical developments from their teams.

The UCL IOMS monthly seminar (later webinar) series was launched in February 2020, it celebrates and promotes multi-disciplinary research and collaboration at/with UCL Institute of Orthopaedic and Musculoskeletal Science (IOMS) and UCL Division of Surgery and Interventional Science.

The topics are diverse and include orthopaedics, rehabilitation engineering, implant technology, prosthetics, tissue and bio-engineering, and musculoskeletal diseases, among others. We look forward to inspiring discussions and for new collaborations, in particular between Engineering scientists and clinicians, to be formed following the webinars. The webinars are open to all UCL (and non-UCL) staff and students to attend. 

You can browse past seminars and guest speakers on this page.

Upcoming Events

  • 25th March at 12:30pm,

    • Speaker: Dr Aleksandra Vuckovic from University of Glasgow,
    • Title: EEG markers of pain and neurofeedback treatment of pain
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Abstract: The presentation will cover research of Dr Vuckovic’s Brain Computer Interface group, focusing on clinical applications with a brief overview of non-clinical research. Two main areas will be covered, Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) for treatment of neuropathic pain and BCI for rehabilitation of hand, that is a collaborative work with the Queen Elizabeth national Spinal Injuries Unit, Glasgow. Dr Vuckovic will present how BCI-based therapies, initially developed for clinical use, evolved to portable applications for home use that have been used by patients and caregivers, both. The presentation will also briefly cover two other non-clinical topics: multiuser BCI gaming and automatic real-time ultrasound feedback of muscular activity.

Biography: Dr Vuckovic, PhD Biomed Eng, CEng IMechE,  received her PhD from the Centre for Sensory-Motor Interaction, Aalborg University, Denmark. She worked as an RA first at the Aalborg University and later at the Department of Computer Science, University of Essex. Since 2008 she is with the Biomedical Engineering, University of Glasgow. Her current research interest are in Brain Computer Interface and its application in neurorehabilitation.