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UCL Urology is a diverse community of urologists and scientists across UCL, UCLH and the Royal Free Hospital, using radical and critical thinking to transform understanding of urological disease, and delivery of care for urological patients across the spectrum of urological conditions.

Our work

Vision of Urology

  • To develop a distinctive voice in the international urological community in research, innovation and education to improve the lives of people with urological diseases. 
  • To create a vibrant environment where collaborative work to improve the diagnosis and management of urological conditions is championed, and patient focused research is key to the clinical management both today and in the future.


Our experts

Caroline Moore

Prof. Caroline Moore
Professor of Urology, Head of Centre

Hayley Whitaker

Dr Hayley Whittaker
Reader in Cancer Biology

John Withington

Mr John Withington
Associate Professor, Consultant in Urology

Maxine Tran

Prof. Maxine Tran
Professor of Urology

Prof. Faiz Mumtaz

Prof. Faiz Mumtaz
Consultant Urological Surgeon

Clément Orczyk

Dr Clément Orczyk
Clinical Associate Professor

John Kelly

Prof. John Kelly
Professor of Uro-Oncology

Veeru Kasivisvanathan

Mr Veeru Kasivisvanathan
Associate Professor, Consultant in Urology

Francesco Giganti

Dr Francesco Giganti
Associate Professor, Consultant in Radiology

Greg Shaw

Prof. Greg Shaw
Honorary Associate Professor

David Ralph

Prof. David Ralph
Professor of Urology

Asif Muneer

Prof. Asif Muneer
Professor of Urology & Surgical Andrology

Daniela Andrich

Ms Daniella Andrich
Honorary Associate Professor

Ricardo Almedia Magana

Dr Ricardo Almeida Magana
Clinical Research Fellow

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Dr Urzula Stopka-Farooqui
Research Fellow

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Dr June Joseph
Qualitative Research Fellow 

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Dr Patricia De Winter
Research Associate

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Dr Joshua Bridge
Research Fellow

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Dr Cameron Englman
PhD Student

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Ms Rebecca Scott
Research Nurse 

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Ms Michelle Buckner
Research Manager (BeSpoke Programme)



Selected Publications 

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Members of the award-winning PRECISION team awarded the 2019 BMJ Research Paper of the Year for the PRECISION study.Members of the award-winning PRECISION team awarded the 2019 BMJ Research Paper of the Year for the PRECISION study. The same team will be delivering the PRIME Study.