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Department of Pathology

Head of Department: Professor Adrienne Flanagan
Professor of Musculo-Skeletal Pathology

Research groups

Research support

Pathology Core Facility

The Pathology Core Facility provides a wide range of tissue-based and molecular services to research scientists within the UCL Cancer Institute and throughout UCL.

Pathology software repository

This repository is a collection of software packages developed to support the processing and analysis of whole genome sequencing data from cancer samples. In part it requires working installations of various packages obtained from the Cancer, Ageing and Somatic Mutation group at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute: github.com/cancerit

Scientists interrogating complex cancer genomes, particularly those with aberrant copy number profiles might find our tools to identify chromothripsis or recurrent rearrangements particularly useful. This repository can easily be forked and contributed to on Github. Feel free to work on your own improvements and send a pull request.

Current status and future directions
Ongoing development of targeted sequencing pipeline and addition of updated annotation tools.


Last updated Nov 2019