UCL Cancer Institute


Thoracic and Molecular Pathology

Group Leader: Dr David Moore

Research focus

My research is focused on:

  • Preinvasive neoplastic disease in lung adenocarcinoma and the biological switching from an in situ to invasive phenotype in this disease. 
  • Tumours of the lung in the neuroendocrine spectrum and how genomic alterations correlate with phenotypic differences across this spectrum.
  • Characterising the immune infiltrate within primary non small cell lung cancer and metastatic disease sampled at post mortem. 

I am undertaking research within the field of molecular diagnostics, specifically the large scale retrospective analysis of next generation sequencing methods for somatic variant analysis.

Research Projects

  • I am actively involved in the TRACERx non small cell lung cancer project and the associated PEACE study at UCL. 
  • Leading projects evaluating NGS technologies and their use in routine molecular diagnostics through my work in the Sarah Cannon Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory.  

Selected Publications

  1. Moore DA, Saldanha GS, Ehdode A, Mughal MZ, Potter L, Dyall L, Pringle JH. Duplexratio tests as diagnostic biomarkers in malignant melanoma. Journal Molecular Diagnostics. 2015 Sep;17(5):616-22.
  2. Moore DA, Saldanha GS, Ehdode A, Potter L, Dyall L, Bury D, Pringle JH. Accurate detection of copy number changes in DNA extracted from formalin fixed paraffin embedded melanoma tissue using duplex ratio tests. Journal Molecular Diagnostics. 2013 Sep;15(5):687-94.
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