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A-Z of IOE Rare Book Collections

Angela Little CollectionEducation in Sri Lanka 1970s and onwards.
BBC Broadcasts to Schools CollectionBroadcasts to Schools between 1926 and 1979.
Baines CollectionChildren’s Books, fiction and non-fiction.
Brooke CollectionMoral Education and Character Development.
Association of Commonwealth Libraries Calendars CollectionAfrican and Asian Commonwealth University Calendars and Prospectuses.
Comparative Education CollectionComparative Education.
Fred Clarke CollectionEducation in Britain, History, Philosophy, Sociology.
Geography Textbooks CollectionGeography.
Grantham Number Ones CollectionSocio-cultural, economic and political history from 1850 to 1930.
Grenfell CollectionSport and Physical Education.
Hans CollectionComparative Education (Russian and European Education).
Hayward CollectionMoral and Religious Education, Education for Citizenship, Education Theory.
Historical Textbooks CollectionAll the subjects taught in state schools, for all ages, from nursery to sixth form. 
History of Education Collection Education History, Philosophy, Policy, Psychology, Sociology and Theory
Inner London Education Authority (ILEA) CollectionEducation in London
Lauwerys CollectionComparative and International Education, Theory and Practice of Education
MACOSCurriculum project
Michael CollectionOld English, English Grammar and English Literature
Rainbow CollectionMusic Primers, Music Education
Reid CollectionEducational Philosophy, Art, Art Theory and Aesthetics
School Examination Papers CollectionAll subjects of the Secondary School curriculum
School, Colleges and Universities Histories CollectionEducation Institutional Histories
1930s Teacher Training Prospectuses CollectionTeacher Training Colleges, 1930s