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Association of Commonwealth Universities Calendars Collection


African and Asian Commonwealth University Calendars and Prospectuses.


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The oldest international association of universities in the world was established in 1912 by the University of London. It represented 53 universities which met in London. The outcome of this was the establishment of the Universities Bureau of the British Empire in 1913. The aim of this office was to enable contact and cooperation between its member universities. In 1948 it became the Association of Universities of the British Commonwealth, taking its current name in 1963. It is today the Association of Commonwealth Universities and has an office in London.

The Association's Library built up a collection of calendars, annual reports/year books and prospectuses issued by universities in the Commonwealth, dating from the early 1930s to the mid-1980s.


Much of this collection passed to the IOE in 1990, and the calendars relating to universities in Africa and Asia have been retained.


The collection is uncatalogued and is currently housed in closed stacks.