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Outreach and public engagement

UCL holds rich manuscript and rare book collections and we're passionate about sharing these for teaching and research, and offering activities and projects for our local communities.

Outreach group

Our manuscript and rare book collections of world-class status are being used, and have the potential to be used, in new and exciting ways. UCL Library Services Special Collections is committed to promoting these cultural treasures for teaching, research and enjoyment further afield through community outreach. We are keen to discover and to develop new audiences beyond the traditional University boundaries and to this end we are working with UCL's Public Engagement Unit to encourage a culture of two-way conversations between UCL and groups outside.

We aim to embed our material into as many taught courses within UCL as possible and to encourage further use of the collections for research. We already host several classes throughout the year which make use of Special Collections holdings for UCL students, including:

  • Material relating to Shakespeare and his contemporaries for the MA Shakespeare in History
  • Medieval Manuscripts for final year French Undergraduates and for English Postgraduates
  • Early dictionaries for English Undergraduates
  • Various early printed books for Historical Bibliography students

We also take material out for showing at UCL events, such as:

  • A series of symposia arranged by the UCL English Department Alumni [Dec 2008 - Jun 2009], on Milton, Shakespeare and Literature & Song
  • Medieval Manuscripts at the launch of the UCL Research Centre in Medieval and Renaissance Studies
  • Isaac Newton's Principia (1st edition, 1687), shown at first year Physics Undergraduates' first lecture

If you would like to discuss using any of our material in your teaching or research or for public engagement purposes or if you would like our professional staff to talk about our collections at a particular event or class do please get in touch.

Contact Dr.Tabitha Tuckett, Rare-Books Librarian, by email t.tuckett@ucl.ac.uk or phone 020 7679 2827, or write to:

Dr. Tabitha Tuckett
Rare-Books Librarian
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