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Orwell in the Archive - Free School Resources

The UNESCO registered George Orwell Archive is kept at UCL by Special Collections - these free resources, intended for Year 12 and 13s, use items from the archive to explore Orwell's life and career.

Being a Journalist; Then and Now

George Orwell is well known as a fiction writer, but he was also a seasoned journalist.  He interrogated aspects of British life that he observed around him as well as those he had experienced himself.  Writing at a time of great political turmoil (before, during and after the Second World War) and through life changing events of his own, this made for a varied body of work that reveals so much about British consciousness at that time.  It also displays Orwell's consistenly impecable and principled use of the English language.

What kind of Journalist was George Orwell and how did his life inform his work?

This written resource uses the Orwell Archive to create a picture of Orwell's life and contains a guided close reading of one of his journalistic pieces 'Shooting An Elephant'.

Download it here: 

What kind of challenges did Orwell face as a journalist, and how does it compare to being a journalist today?

This short film asks this question of three guest journalists, Stephen Armstrong, Marianna Spring and Max Daly. With thanks to Facundo Arrizabalaga for photography of the Orwell Youth Prize Celebration Day 2022.

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