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Open Science & Research Support

Library teams provide a number of services and resources to assist UCL students and staff with your research projects.
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Open Access

Open access means making research publications freely available online. It ensures your work reaches the widest possible audience, and can be used and shared easily.

Data protection

Research Data Management

Research Data Management covers all of the decisions made during the research lifecycle to handle research data, from the planning stage of your project up to the long-term preservation of your data.

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Bibliometrics is concerned with the analysis of research based on citation counts and patterns. The individual measures used are also commonly referred to as bibliometrics, or citation metrics.

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Research Integrity

Support for UCL’s commitment to research integrity and probity, including policies, guidelines and training for all involved with research at UCL.

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Training and Support Resources for Research

UCL Library Services offers many services to researchers. Find how to access resources, get support for undertaking research and how to disseminate and preserve your research.

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