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UCL Profiles

Discover UCL’s staff and doctoral researchers in UCL's public profiles system.

What is UCL Profiles?

Profiles is UCL’s new public search and discovery tool showcasing the UCL community. Use it to find UCL academics, their activities, collaborations, industry partnerships, publications and more. Profiles replaces UCL's previous public profiles directory, IRIS.

Using Profiles to explore the UCL community 

  • Start on the search page and search by name or keyword, or use the search options to choose to search by academic discipline (tag based search).
  • On the search results page, use the sets of filters (Department, Field of research, Availability) to refine your search.
  • Click on someone's name to see their profile, which is organised into five pages (About, Publications, Research, Expertise and Experience, Teaching). 
  • If an academic has published with two or more UCL colleagues, you can use the collaboration network visualisation to explore networks of co-authors. (The 'view network' link shows under the photo on the search results page, and is also included in profile pages.
  • To return to the search page, click on the UCL logo in the top left of the page. To reset filters and searches from the search results page, click on the 'x' in the search box and press enter.   

Getting to know UCL Profiles  

This video is intended primarily for the UCL community, and provides a short overview of UCL Profiles' functionality and main features.

MediaCentral Widget Placeholderhttps://mediacentral.ucl.ac.uk/Player/BegI0CB8

View this video in UCL Mediacentral. A transcript of the video is also available.