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Summary of data fields in RPS Edit Profile

This page provides a summary of key biographical and contact fields in RPS, and describes where data comes from and how it is displayed in your public profile in UCL Profiles.

The table below lists all of the fields in a user's RPS 'Edit Profile' page and indicates:

  • How a field is populated (and whether data is migrated from IRIS). 
  • Whether a field can be edited by the user, and whom to contact to resolve issues if not. 
  • The field's name in RPS, and its display name in UCL Profiles. 

Log in to RPS and choose Homepage > Edit my Profile to see the fields listed below. See how they display in UCL Profiles by selecting 'View my public profile' from the RPS homepage, or click on 'View Profile' while in Edit mode.

Section (RPS)Field (RPS)Display name/location (Profiles)Populated viaUser can edit from RPS 'Edit Profile'?
TopProfile privacy levelN/ABased on HR contract for existing staff; public for existing doctoral researchers; internal by default for new staff/studentsYes
 User photoLeft key details tileUser (not migrated from IRIS)Yes 
 User title/nameLeft key details tile HRNo - contact hr-services@ucl.ac.uk to resolve errors
 Primary group (usually faculty)Not displayedHRNo
 PositionLeft key details tile and About > University College London Appointments. Also search results pageHRNo - contact hr-services@ucl.ac.uk to resolve errors

Left key details tile and About > University College London Appointments. Also filter set on search results page

HRNo - contact hr-services@ucl.ac.uk to resolve errors
 ORCIDLeft key details tileUser Add or update by going to RPS menu > My Profile > Settings > ORCID settings 
 Institutional email Left key details tileHR

No - see ISD's Help & Support to resolve errors

 Additional email address Left key details tileUserYes
 Phone numbersLeft key details tileIRIS, user. Data migrated from IRIS is private by defaultYes
AboutOverviewAbout > BioIRIS, userYes
 Research interests Research > Reseach interestsIRIS, userYes 
 Teaching summary Teaching > Teaching interestsIRIS, userYes
LabelsAvailabilityAbout > Availability. Also filter set on search results pageUserYes
 Fields of Research 2020About > Fields of Research. Also filter set on search results pageOne-off mapping exercise of broad disciplines at project launch for existing RPS users, based on publications. Afterwards: userYes

UCL appointments

About > University College London appointmentsHRNo - contact hr-services@ucl.ac.uk to resolve errors
 Academic appointmentsAbout > Academic positionsIRIS, userYes
 Non-academic employmentAbout > Non-academic positionsIRIS, userYes
EducationDegreesAbout > DegreesMyHRLog in to MyHR, select UCL Employee Self Service > My Personal Information > Education and Qualifications and update as appropriate
 CertificationsAbout > CertificationsUserYes
 Postgraduate trainingAbout > Postgraduate trainingUserYes
Language competenciesLanguagesAbout > LanguagesUserYes
AddressesMailing addressesLeft key details tileIRIS, userYes
 Web addresses and social mediaLeft key details tileIRIS, user. Twitter and LinkedIn addresses migrated from IRIS are public by default; other web addresses are private by defaultYes
MediaVideosAbout > MediaUserYes
Publications pagePublications pagePublicationsUserYes
Professional activities pageProfessional activities pageExpertise & Experience > Activities & RolesIRIS, userYes
Teaching activitiesTeaching activities Teaching > Teaching activitiesUserYes

As well as the ‘Edit my Profile’ page, the following sections of RPS populate public profiles with publications and roles/activities:

Section (RPS)Display name/location (Profiles)Populated viaUser can edit?
Publications list (Homepage > Publications)Publications > OutputsUser (claiming, and manually adding)Yes
Professional activities list (Homepage > Professional activities)Expertise & Experience > Activities & RolesIRIS (Achievements), userYes

Teaching activities list (Homepage > Teaching activities)

Teaching > Teaching activitiesUserYes