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UCL’s Research Publications Service (RPS)

These pages are designed to provide UCL researchers with resources to help them get the most from UCL’s publications management system.

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RPS has been upgraded. 

Our blog post explains the key changes, and how to navigate the new version of the system.

What is RPS? 

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RPS is UCL's internal publications management system. It works by capturing researcher’s publications from a range of sources such as Scopus, Web of Science, and CrossRef. Researchers can add records for publications manually, and can import publications lists.

UCL researchers upload their manuscripts in RPS, which are then made open access in UCL’s repository, UCL Discovery. Publications in RPS populate researchers' IRIS profiles, which publicly showcase research. 

Videos demonstrating how to claim and upload publications are available on our Managing publications in RPS and Getting started with RPS: checklist webpages. 

It is important that researchers maintain their list of publications, regularly review suggestions for publications and claim or reject them, and upload accepted manuscripts to comply with the REF open access policy.