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Managing publications in RPS

This page contains advice on maintaining your publications in RPS by claiming and uploading them.

All UCL researchers have a profile in UCL’s Research Publications Service (RPS). When RPS finds a publication that matches your details, it will be offered for you to claim as yours or reject. Claimed publications are added to your list in RPS. If RPS doesn’t find a record of your publication, you can add it manually. Once claimed, you can upload your accepted manuscript file, to be made open access in UCL Discovery.

Adding identifiers (e.g. ORCID ID) will mean that publications are automatically claimed and added to your list without you having to review them. This saves time and is highly recommended. 

Authors can set delegates in RPS to manage and upload their publications for them. Delegates receive notification and reminder emails sent to authors.

Claiming and adding publications to your list

Publications will be suggested for you based on your name based search settings and any added identifiers (Scopus, ORCID etc.). If you have publications to review (claim or reject) you will receive email notifications from the system. When logged in, you will also see a prompt on your home page to claim publications:

Image showing the claim prompt on a user's RPS home page.

Follow the 'claim now' link to see a list of pending publications, and choose ‘Claim' or ‘Reject'. The short video below demonstrates how to check if a paper is in your profile, and how to claim or add it manually if not.

MediaCentral Widget Placeholderhttps://mediacentral.ucl.ac.uk/7E7FCc9H

PDF guides to claiming and adding publications are also available:

Uploading your publications

UCL researchers must upload their publications to RPS to comply with the REF open access policy. You will be sent monthly reminders for any claimed papers not yet uploaded. When logged in, you will also see a prompt on your home page to upload publications:

Image showing deposit prompt on a user's RPS home page.

The short video below demonstrates how to upload your publications.

MediaCentral Widget Placeholderhttps://mediacentral.ucl.ac.uk/Player/Jj60J51e


PDF guides to uploading your publications are also available:


Contact the Open Access Team for help with managing your publications in RPS.