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Contact UCL's Open Access Team

UCL's Open Access Team advises researchers about open access policies and how to comply with them, open access funding, transformative agreements and UCL's Research Publications Services (RPS).

Before contacting us

UCL's Open Access Team is available to help researchers with Gold and Green open access. 

Open access enquiries are often complex. It's helpful if, before getting in touch with us, you familiarise yourself with the relevant information on our webpages:

  • Open access funding - is open access funding available for my publication; does UCL have a transformative agreement with my publisher?
  • Research funders - which journals meet the requirements of my funder's open access policy?
  • REF open access - what do I need to do to make my paper eligible for REF?
  • RPS - how do I record my publications and upload them in UCL's Research Publications Service (RPS)?

Contact us

If you think that your paper is eligible for open access funding, please complete this form before submission (for fully open access journals) or on acceptance (for subscription journals). We'll reply with a summary of your options and, if your paper is eligible for funding, details of payment procedures. 

You can also contact us by email: openaccess@ucl.ac.uk

We know that questions about open access are often urgent. Whatever your query, we aim to answer it within 24 hours, except during weekends and UCL closed periods.

Other contacts