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Support for Open Access at UCL

These pages are designed to help UCL researchers better understand publishing with open access.

  • If you are new to open access, visit our Understanding open access page for a brief summary of open access publishing and its benefits, including descriptions of the main routes (Green and Gold OA), and a video introduction.
  • Our open access glossary explains explains commonly used terms (e.g. author accepted manuscript, Creative Commons licences, transformative agreement, institutional repository).
  • Our FAQs answer guestions related to the REF and UKRI policies, and using RPS.
  • See the UCL open access requirements page for UCL's position on open access and authors' rights in research outputs, and what UCL researchers are required to do about OA.
  • If you are looking for resources on finding open access research, visit our Finding open access research page.
  • Contact the Open Access Team if you cannot find the answer to your open access query.