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UCL Profiles/IRIS replacement project

UCL has introduced a new public profiles system to replace the previous service, IRIS. The new system is known as UCL Profiles, and is the public layer of an expanded RPS service.

Profiles is UCL's new public profiles system. Following a tender process, informed by academic consultation, Profiles was launched in September 2023. The new system incorporates IRIS functionality and data in a modern, improved interface. IRIS is no longer available to edit, and individual IRIS profiles are redirecting to their equivalent URLs in Profiles. Up to date publications data will continue to be surfaced in publications lists for academic promotions and sent to UCL's Professorial Appraisal Review (PAR) system.

Training and support materials for users and departments is available on these pages. These highlight key actions that users should take when Profiles is launched, including uploading a profile photo, reviewing data migrated from IRIS and selecting appropriate disciplinary and other labels.

Departments and faculties are invited to contact the project team to arrange an online training session on Profiles. Training sessions open to all staff and doctoral researchers have been advertised. If you have any questions, see the Profiles FAQs or contact the project team.

Consultation and development

A Profiles User & Development Group was created to test the system and contribute towards configuration decisions. The group will continue to advise on the development of Profiles after launch. This group comprises academic representatives from all faculties, as well as Professional Services staff. Consultations will also continue with senior academic stakeholders and a wide range of other groups across UCL. If you would like to be involved, please contact the project team

The project team reviewed data in IRIS, and took advice on which data to transfer to Profiles. With the agreement of senior academic stakeholders, the decision was taken not to transfer a small number of IRIS data types that contain out of date and badly organised information. Profiles offers new ways of presenting this data, and work will be carried out after launch to take advantage of them. Data that is not transferred is available for departments and academics to re-use; please contact the project team to request IRIS data. 

More information on Profiles

Profiles provides greater visibility, additional functionality, and easier data management than IRIS, as well as new features in future phases of development. Profiles data is managed in RPS, and all UCL staff and doctoral researchers are eligible for a profile. Further Profiles developments and service improvements, designed in partnership with all UCL stakeholders, will follow in post-launch phases.

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