Information Services Division


Research Software Dashboard

The Research Software Dashboard has been produced by RITS’s Research Software Development Group to help meet the objective of promoting research software as a first class research output alongside publications and data.

The service provides an inventory where people can discover software written at UCL and developers can share information about their work with colleagues and the wider world.

If you have research code that you would like to share with colleagues or the wider world, you can now add it to the Research Software Dashboard at:


Features and benefits of the service include:

  • Integration with IRIS so that your software will appear as a research output in your public profile
  • Your software can be linked to publications and grants to help show how coding contributes to research
  • Search by programming language, libraries or research field to find collaborators or locally-written software you can use
  • You decide whether to share information about your software with the world, or just UCL colleagues
  • Provide links to online code repositories where you can share your source code and collaborate on new features and fixes
  • Get an overview of the state of your software projects including bug reports and feature requests