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Interview skills

interview skills

Guides on interview preparation

Career Essentials online

Our modular e-Learning course comprises information, video tutorials, interactive quizzes and exercises, action sets and key resources to help you move forward and take ownership of your future.

Work through the module on:

  • Interview success

before checking out other resources suggested below.

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Digital Resources

Download our range of help sheets on preparing for interviews which are also available to collect from UCL Careers. Titles include:

Video Interview Practice

InterviewStream is a platform to help you gain practical experience of video interviewing with the option to record and review your responses to common interview questions.

Visit the InterviewStream website

Register by first selecting UCL as your institution and providing your details.

Click on 'CONDUCT AN INTERVIEW' then 'CUSTOM INTERVIEW' to set up your practice interview

  1. From the 'Question Library', click on the job role, (or similar), that you would like practice for. Drag questions you would like to rehearse into the box on the right
  2. Once you have selected all the questions you would like to go over, click on 'START MY INTERVIEW'
  3. Accept permissions to your webcam and microphone, perform a mic check then click 'Next' to proceed to your interview
  4. After recording an answer, you can either review it, retry or move on to the next question
  5. Once you have completed the interview, you will have the option of viewing it in full
  6. You can then self-assess your performance against key criteria that recruiters are likely to mark on

The site also provides access to a bank of videos that give tips and advice on preparing for interviews more generally.

Click on 'Interview Suite URL' and you will be presented with a list of interview topics. Each topic links to a video where graduate recruiters provide tips and advice on how to best present yourself and what to include when answering interview questions.

Interview preparation loan books

Use our book loan service to borrow interview books to work through sample interview questions in your own time. Books available cover different types of interviews and highlight the types of questions commonly used by graduate recruiters in different sectors.

Visit our information library to view titles available.

Employer directories and sector guides

In our information library we stock a range of graduate recruiter directories and sector-specific guides which include detailed information on how to succeed at interviews.

Drop in during our opening hours to collect your free take away copies!

Alternatively, download copies, (where available online), from our digital careers library.

Applying globally

Many of the sites and resources above will focus on UK-based interviews. For those seeking work overseas, more specific resources are available.


UCL Careers subscribes to this online resource to give you direct access to country-specific guides on different interview formats.

Log in to GoinGlobal

Digital careers library

Use search tags such as 'working abroad', 'study abroad' and/or the name of a country to get listings of resources including 'country profile' guides to working or study overseas which will include tips on typical interview procedures.

Come to an event

We organise a wide range of events where you can find out more about how to stand out during your interview.

  • Careers Essentials programme (Repeated throughout the year) A series of Careers Consultant led talks aimed at all students and recent graduates which includes different sessions on preparing for interviews amongst other topics.
  • Employer-led skills sessions (Autumn and Spring terms) A series of employer-led Q&A panels and interactive workshops which cover interview preparation generally plus sessions on how to provide evidence of specific skills when being interviewed.
  • Researchers employability programme (Repeated throughout the year) A series of Careers Consultant led talks and employer-led skills development events aimed at research students and staff which includes sessions on academic or other types of interviews for those with a research background.
  • Sector-specific recruitment fairs (Autumn Term only) A chance to network with large numbers of major graduate recruiters from a specific sector to get insider tips on how interviews are assessed to ensure you stand out.
  • Jobs market (Summer Term only) A chance to network with large numbers of major graduate recruiters from a variety of different sectors at one event to ask about interview tips.
  • Employer presentations (Autumn and Spring Terms) Talks by individual companies about their current vacancies which will usually include an overview of their interview process and format and provide tips on how to prepare.
  • Sector themed weeks (Autumn and Spring Terms) Network with professionals from a range of sectors popular with UCL students to learn more about how interviews are typically structured for that sector.

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Get one-to-one advice

If you have been invited to an interview, (this could be for a job, course, PhD or anything else), you can get one-to-advice on what to expect and how to prepare or get individual, role-play based coaching.

  • Short guidance A discussion with a Careers Consultant to cover any queries or concerns you may have about interview preparation.
  • Practice interview A more role-play based coaching exercise to give you practical experience of answering the types of questions which are likely to come up in a real interview.
  • Employer coaching A range of graduate recruiters who interview candidates for different roles on a regular basis will be on campus to share their experiences and give you practical experience of typical interview scenarios.

Alumni mentoring

Speaking to UCL graduates who are working in the roles and sectors you're interested in is a great way to get an insider's view on what you might expect during the interview process.

Through the UCL alumni office, all UCL students and graduates have access to the  UCL alumni online community.

Once logged in*, simply follow the 'careers mentoring' link and you can then search for contact details of UCL alumni by:

  • UCL Course or department
  • Year of graduation from UCL
  • Current occupation or field of work
  • The country they're now based in

Before making use of this resource, we would recommend you look at the range of networking guides available on our digital careers library or attend the LinkedIn talks run through our Career Essentials programme.

*Note: Any queries relating to the alumni web community should be directed to the UCL alumni office.

UCL Alumni Online Community

Bookable space for video or phone interviews

If you have been invited to a video or phone interview with a recruiter and need to find a quiet space where you won't be disturbed, UCL Library Services provide access to bookable study spaces. We don't have any bookable interview space available at UCL Careers.