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One-to-one coaching

What to expect:

These one-to-one coaching sessions with individuals from a variety of graduate recruiters will give you an insight into how they sift and assess CVs and other applications and what they're looking for during the interview process.

The sessions are designed to provide a general recruiter's view on the application and interview process so, although the programme will involve recruiters from a range of different sectors, the focus will be on how you can develop your application writing or interview skills even if you're not applying to a particular recruiter or the sector they operate in.

These coaching sessions take place during the Autumn and Spring terms.

Book now:

  • All employer-led coaching must be booked in advance through your myUCLCareers account.
  • Bookings for each session will open two weeks before it is due to take place.
  • A returnable £10 cash deposit will need to be left at UCL Careers before you are able to book a place at any coaching session online.
  • For email alerts on when you can book a place at specific events, we recommend that you update your myUCLCareers "email preferences" to sign up for our "Event update" emails

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Unable to attend in person:

Not a problem - in addition to these employer led coaching sessions, we provide a wide range of resources and other one-to-one advice services on writing applications or preparing for interviews.