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Awards and Professional Accreditation

Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services

The Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services, (AGCAS), is the professional association for higher education (HE) careers practitioners and those involved in the provision of careers and employability education, information, advice and guidance to current or prospective HE students and graduates. UCL Careers and our parent body, The Careers Group, University of London are full members of this association.

UCL Careers picked up the AGCAS award for Careers Service/Academic Department Partnership award for the work with UCL Management Science & Innovation, Engineering Faculty and Laws Faculty. 


Matrix is a national quality accreditation system specifically for information, Advice and Guidance Services. The Matrix standard relates to how the service provided is advertised, defined and delivered and clients supported and also to how the service is managed, resourced and how it responds to feedback from users and ensures continuous quality improvement. Accreditation is only granted as a result of a rigorous on-site inspection in which discussions with users of the service and observation of good practice are as important as supporting systems and documentation. UCL Careers and The Careers Group were last awarded the Matrix Standard in July 2020.

Sustainability and green impact

In line with UCL’s commitment to create a campus that supports UCL's academic, research and enterprise activities in a sustainable way, UCL Careers is committed to reducing waste, limiting energy-use, and ordering Fair Trade products.

We work with Sustainable UCL to promote and collaborate on initiatives for students, in order to provide the education, advancement, dissemination and application of sustainable development. We proactively seek other ways to support sustainability and share best practice with recruiters.

We also seek to ensure that carbon travel is reduced significantly by moving meetings online or by telephone, that branded merchandise is biodegradable, that paper consumption is reduced and that much of our catering supplies are Fair Trade.

UCL Careers are proud to have achieved top category in Green Impact each year since its inception at UCL, being awarded the Gold Award standard from UCL’s Green Impact Department. Our pledge to sustainability however, is on-going. This year we delivered an educational workshop in collaboration with Sustainable UCL to provide concrete examples of improvements that we can all implement. When moving office, we saved more than £16,000 worth of furniture from landfill using Warpit. We continue to publish regular internal newsletters to ensure UCL Careers staff are equipped with the knowledge to work in the most sustainable way.

Our Green Champions are:
Hannah Posner h.posner@ucl.ac.uk
Susanne Stoddart s.stoddart@ucl.ac.uk 
Ian Evans i.c.evans@ucl.ac.uk


For more information please visit the GreenUCL webpage.