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Green Impact

Green Impact is a UCL-wide environmental competition and accreditation scheme that allows departments and divisions across the university to improve their environmental impact, support UCL's Sustainability Strategy and engage peers and colleagues with these essential issues.


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How does Green Impact work?

The scheme works around an online, interactive workbook which gives staff the structure to make positive changes to their department or office. The workbook has a range of sustainability actions which directly feed into the aims of UCL's Sustainability Strategy.

  • Teams start with the Bronze workbook, before moving onto the Silver and Gold workbooks. In order to achieve Silver, teams have to complete Bronze and Silver. In order to achieve Gold, teams have to complete Bronze, Silver and Gold.
  • Once teams have completed Green Impact to Bronze level, they can create a bespoke Sustainability Plan for their office or department. Working with Sustainable UCL, they can identify their biggest sustainability opportunities and challenges, and create fun and engaging projects which will make a large impact.
  • Students are trained as Sustainability Ambassadors to help teams complete the workbooks and fulfill their Sustainability Plans. Apply to work with a Sustainability Ambassador by the 24th of October using this form.
  • Student volunteers audit teams in May to check that the workbooks have been completed.
  • In July, there is a Sustainability Awards Ceremony to celebrate the achievements of our Champions.
  • Last year 54 teams took part in the competition - this year we want more!
    How can I take part?
    • If you are a member of staff, the first step is to check whether a green team already exists in your area of work. To find out, get in touch with your Faculty Lead Green Champion.
    • Next, you can register yourself for the Green Impact workbook (which you can access here). Based on the previous step, you can choose to select an existing team from the drop-down list, or create a new one.
    • The next step is to sign up to the Green Champions Mailing List, and join the Green Champions Teams site, to stay up to date on everything Green Impact throughout the year and receive tips on completing criteria.
    • Further support for completing Green Impact comes in the form of online resources and regular workshops. Registration for workshops will be communicated via the aforementioned channels, and recordings of these sessions will be saved on the Teams site. See the 'Guidance' tab below for more avenues of support.
    • If you are a student, you can volunteer as a Sustainability Ambassador by filling in an application here. 

    Office Workbook

    • Bronze: Complete the actions in the Bronze section.
    • Silver: Complete the actions in the Bronze and Silver section.
    • Gold: Complete the actions in the Bronze, Silver and Gold section.

    Sustainability Plan

    • Teams who have completed Green Impact to a Bronze level may undertake a Sustainability Plan (see the workbook or the Resources page for guidance).
    Key Dates
    • The toolkit is reviewed every summer and launched in October 2022.
    • Deadline for staff to apply for a Student Sustainability Ambassador: 24th October 2022.
    • Deadline for students to apply to become a Sustainability Ambassador: 24th October 2022 via this form
    • Staff and students are notified of their pairing by 31st October 2022.
    • Deadline to apply for Sustainability Plan funding: 2nd February 2023.
    • First meetings between staff and students to be arranged between them within Term 1.
    • Green Impact Submission deadline: 10th May 2023.
    • Green Impact Audits: 23rd and 24th May 2023.
    • Awards Ceremony: early July 2023. Find last year's award winners on this page.
    • Visit the workbook, which contains all essential information about completing the criteria, including links to relevant resources and key contacts.
    • View the Starter Pack, which contains key information about Green Impact, including key dates and deadlines for this year.
    • Visit this Resources page, which contains everything you need to complete Green Impact.
    • The Green Champions Network and Mailing List are key sources of information throughout the year.
    • We run regular workshops tailored to completing Green Impact criteria throughout the year. Details will be communicated through the Green Champions Network, and here on our events page.
    • Faculty Lead Green Champions support members of staff in their faculty to complete Green Impact. They should be your first point of contact for questions relating to the programme. You can find your Faculty Lead Green Champion on this page.
    • For those who do not yet have a Faculty Lead Green Champion, you should contact your Sustainability Business Partner by navigating to this page. Your Business Partner is someone from the Sustainable UCL Team who has been assigned to your faculty or business area, and can act as a point of contact for any questions you have relating to Green Impact.

    You can apply for funding to support your Green Impact work after creating a Sustainability Plan. This Sustainability Plan is a bespoke plan which focuses on the unique sustainability opportunities and challenges that are connected to your area of work. You can find the steps to creating a plan in the workbook or on the Resources page.

    Please arrange a meeting with your Sustainability Business Partner to discuss creating a Sustainability Plan and your request for funding, before filling in the funding application form

    The deadline for applying for funding is the 2nd of February 2023.


    Take the Change possible: Sustainble UCL course on UCL's mandatory training page.

    Access the Green Impact Workbook

    Resources for Green Impact

    Case Studies

    Read case studies of how the UCL community have made their work streams sustainable.

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