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Arts and Humanities

English Language & Literature

  • Jessica Green


  • Juan Aguirre 


  • Dr Thomas Wilks

Greek and Latin

  • Robbie Macaulay 
  • Alex Balciunas 
  • Stephanie Dutton


  • Dr Marta Niccolai 

Slade School of Fine Art

  • Dr Hayley Newman 
  • Paul Horne 

Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies 

  • Rory Pelych 
  • Zoltan Biedermann 


Bartlett Faculty for the Built Environment

The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment  

  • Leda Parker
  • Rebecca Payne

The Bartlett Development Planning Unit

  • Rita Lambert
  • Nkenji Okpara 

 The Bartlett School of Construction & Project Management

  • Anita Treso

 The Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources

  • Emily Jennings
  • Velvet Young

The Bartlett School of Planning

  • Naomi Jones
Brain Sciences

Ear Institute

  • Caitlin Broadbent
  • Ricky Kemp

Queen Square Institute of Neurology

  • Sarah Lawson 
  • Stephanie Czieso

Division of Psychiatry

  • Kirsten Moore 
  • Yana Kitova 
  • Bridget Candy
  • Michaela Poppe 
  • Rebecca Jones 
  • Tayla McCloud 
  • Francesca Solmi 
  • Annie Jeffery

Division of Psychology & Language Sciences

  • John Draper 

Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience

  • Anouchka Sterling
  • Safia Chaudhary

Institute of Prion Diseases and MRC Prion Unit at UCL

  • Simon Mead
  • Ryan Peter
  • Tamsin Nazari 

 Institute of Ophthalmology

  • Jill Cowing
  • Constance Maurer
  • Abi Li
  • Olive Byrne
  • Georgia Milne
  • James Wyles
  • Karen Frudd
  • Will Lamb
  • Dhani Tracey-White

Chemical Engineering

  • Claire Saunders (office) 
  • Becki Belgrave (labs) 

Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering

  • Utku Solpuker
  • Anthony Colasanto
  • Catherine Unsworth

Computer Science

  • Denis Timm 

Electronic and Electrical Engineering

  • Steve Hudziak 

Management Science & Innovation

  • Jackie Nunn

Mechanical Engineering 

  • Kris Lavin

Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering 

  • Mohini Nair 

Biomedical Engineering

  • Brian O'Sullivan 
  • Rachael Williamson
Life Sciences

Division of Bioscience

  • Nicky Virdee
  • Donald Okeke
  • Sam Ranasinghe

Division of Medicine 

  • Anita Waterman 

MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology

  • Priya Madhou
Mathematics and Physical Sciences


  • Prof Andrea Sella 

Earth Sciences

  • Dr Wendy Kirk


  • Robb McDonald

Centre for Mathematics and Physics in the Life Sciences and Experimental Biology (CoMPLEX) 

  • Gemma Ludbrook

Physics & Astronomy

  • Christine Johnson 
  • Lee Bebbington
  • Ian Howarth 

Science & Technology Studies

  • Coletti Campbell
  • Silva Code 

 UCL Space & Climate Physics (Mullard Space Science Laboratory) 

  • Dr Silvia Zane 

Statistical Science

  • Dr Ioanna Manolopoulou
  • Dr Afzal Siddiqui 
Medical Sciences

Cancer Institute

  • Sonia Buckingham

Medical School

  • Deanne Attreed 

Institute of Immunity and Transplantation

  • Rachel Richardson

Division of Surgery


  • Royal Free: Chau Chong
  • CBH: Faith Hanstater        
  • RNOH campus: Kathryn Knapp   


  • Evelin Karageorgiou               
  • Heike Lee-Muller                   
  • Katerina McCann                   

General Enquiries, including getting involved with the Green Surgery team:

  • Anne Vanhoestenberghe        

Division of Medicine

  • Dean Heathcote 
Population Health Sciences

Institute of Cardiovascular Science

  • Rikke Osterlund 

Institute of Clinical Trials & Methodology

  • Freya Roberts

Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care

  • Jemima Stockton 
  • Kristina Narvet
  • Rachael Frost

Institute of Global Health

  • Jane Cavanagh 
  • Tim Colbourn

Institute for Women's Health

  • Aqsa Hjiej-Andaloussi
  • Ian Waller 

Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health

  • Nicole Jolly
  • Kerra Pearce
Social and Historical Sciences

Institute of Archaeology

  • Sandra Bond 
  • Charlotte Frearson 

Institute of the Americas

  • Laura Tunstall 


  • Paula Moore


  • Pushpa Arabindoo 
  • Miles Irving
  • Janet Hope


  • Dr Vivienne Lo

History of Art

  • Robert Brown
  • Stielau, Allison

Political Science


    • Claudia Roland
    Professional Services

    Careers Service 

    • Hannah Posner 
    • Natalie Flintoff 

    CHP Team 

    • Nigel Oglesby

     Cruciform Hub

    • Julia Garthwaite

    The UCL Office of the Vice Provost (Advancement) (OVPA)

    • Alex Page
    • Lucia Beltrame
    • Alexandra Broekema 
    • Rachel Carrigan
    • Mary-Jane Eva 
    • Nidhi Fisher 
    • Cameron McNeil 
    • Deirdre O’Reilly
    • Victoria Perry 
    • Katie Raymond 
    • Anjali Singh 
    • Leigh Wetherall 

    Finance and Business Affairs

    Graduate School

    • Anna Witerkowska

    Human Resources

    • Laura Tomson 
    • Sonia Sookham

    Information Services Division (ISD)

    • Matt Jenner

    Library Services 

    • Collette Lawrence

    UCL Culture

    • Kim Townsend 

    School of Pharmacy Library

    Provost's and Vice Provost's Office

    • Gill Gregory
    • Louise Duncan
    • Judith Hillmore
    • Rowena Lamb 
    • Alexandra Iglesias

    Queen Square Library

    • Sarah Lawson 

    Social and Historical Sciences and Arts and Humanities Faculty Office

    • Tessa Rickards

    Student and Registry Services 

    • Jo Ward
    • Rachel Euba 
    • Saam Das 
    • Adam Vidler 
    • Chandan Shah

    UCL Consultants

    • Ingrid Khedun 
    • Nadia Bittar 
    • Joseph Fox 
    • Alec Gray
    • Cheuk Pun Hung
    • Edd Morgan 
    • Ittai Welby 

    Communications and Marketing

    • Valentina Seravalle
    • Tessa Willy
    • Kathleen Middleton 
    • Ahmed Atteyeh