Sustainable UCL


Sustainability Business Partners

Each Faculty or Professional Service Division has been allocated a Sustainability Business Partner from the Sustainable UCL team to support them in embedding sustainability into their area of work.

We need the support of all departments, staff and students to deliver on our sustainability commitments as set out in our strategy. 

To support our work, each Faculty or Professional Service Division is allocated a Sustainability Business Partner (a member of staff) from Sustainable UCL. 

They are there to support you in embedding sustainability into the core of what we do. 

Your partner acts as a conduit, putting faculties, departments and their associated Green Champions in touch with the relevant people across UCL to enable them to enhance sustainability. 

They provide technical advice around sustainability issues to help the development of departmental or faculty Sustainability Plans. 

Role of your Sustainability Business Partner 

  • To attend a faculty/divisional meeting every 6 months to provide updates on faculty/division sustainability performance.  
  • To provide updates on current initiatives and developments relating to the sustainability agenda at UCL. 
  • To report back to Sustainable UCL any specific requests / recommendations put forward. Report back to the sustainability team on any raised by the department. 
  • Support Lead Green Champion to respond to sustainability related questions, put them in contact with relevant team members e.g. Energy Manager for energy queries, Sustainability Communications Officer for support with Green Impact and Sustainability Labs Adviser for LEAF. 
  • Support the Faculty and its departments to create a Sustainability Plan including one workshop per department and or faculty. 
  • Work with departments to provide and refine sustainability reports for their department.