Sustainable UCL


What UCL does

At UCL we know that to change the future, we have to show that change is possible. We do this through uniting our community to develop sophisticated and multi-faceted solutions to the worlds most complex challenges on campus and beyond.

Making change possible

We embed sustainability into every aspect of university life, across our teaching, research and operations.

  • Research: We want to shape the debate. We are doing this by creating a dialogue with local and global communities to co-create and test sustainability solutions and provide informed science to the public. 
  • Education: Because UCL students will go on to be the leaders of tomorrow, we are imbedding sustainability across our teaching, education, and extra-curricular activies, inspiring the next generation of sustainability leaders.
  • Operations: We want to lead by example by operating in a sustainable and socially responsible way.
  • Campaigns: We need everyone to take action. That's why we have a number of campaigns to support the community in making change possible.
  • Culture: We have a strong sustainability culture at UCL. We support and celebrate students and staff implementing change through our behavioural change programmes.

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