Sustainable UCL


Campus and Operations

We lead by operating in a sustainable and socially responsible way through fully integrating sustainability into our planning, processes and culture.

UCL is run sustainably

For UCL to thrive in the future, we must make a sustainable and socially responsible way of operating the new normal. Our commitments: 

  • Sustainability is fully integrated into planning, processes, and delivery at UCL. 
  • Our campus is a showcase of sustainable solutions that inspire visitors and our community. 
  • Our sustainability impacts are reported transparently, and our staff and students hold us to account.   

Sustainability is embedded across all aspects of university life, from procurement, to travel, to food and waste. See how we are doing this below.

> View our progress in our Annual Sustainability Report. 


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Reduce the environmental impact of your laboratory's carbon emissions by joining our Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework - 'LEAF'

LEAF - Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework

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    Improve the environmental impact of your office by joining UCL's environmental competition and accreditation scheme. 

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