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Did you know that 2/3rds of UCL's carbon emissions come from the goods and services that UCL buys? As well as addressing the environmental impacts of UCL's purchasing, we must consider the social impacts too, such as ensuring fair employment and eradicating Modern Day Slavery in our supply chains. It is therefore critical we understand the impact and opportunities of UCL’s sourcing and buying decisions.

We define responsible procurement as:

" the process whereby environmental, social and financial impacts of all of UCL's procurement processes are taken into account, making sure to reduce negative impacts and enhance positive impacts."
Improving our Responsible Procurement Performance

Responsible procurement at UCL is a collaboration between the Sustainability and Procurement team. We follow the Responsible Procurement Code, an external verification based on the Government’s Flexible Framework Tool for Procurement.This reviews our progress in 5 key areas:

  • Policy, Strategy and Communication
  • People
  • Procurement Process
  • Supply Chain
  • Measurement
Audit Results

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Our Aims

We're working towards achieving Platinum certification in the Responsible Procurement Code. To achieve our ambition, we will:

  • Increase engagement with our suppliers - through launching the Net Positive tool, developing tailored action plans for all suppliers. This will address Modern Day Slavery in our supply chains.
  • Develop a circular economy model – where reuse, repair and recycling is embedded into our procurement strategy.
  • Up-skill UCL staff in sustainable procurement– by utilising the expertise of both the procurement and sustainability team, we are developing training for procurement staff so they can make responsible choices.
  • Ensure sustainability is considered in ALL purchases – primarily through contributing to tender specifications, developing policies and processes and creating buying standards.
  • Monitor procurement for sustainability risk and opportunity, to prioritise action accordingly -we have performed a Defra prioritisation exercise, which evaluates UCL's spend and identifies focus areas. Our NETpositive tool means we are addressing risk down our supply chains.

Sustainable procurement initiatives

net positive

Supplier Engagement

See how we are supporting our suppliers and celebrating their sustainable achievements.

Circular Economy

Circular Economy

See how we're adapting to a circular economy.

Modern Day Slavery

Modern Day Slavery

We are committed to eliminating modern day slavery in our supply chains.



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Use our free online database to log and share chemicals across UCL.

Sustainable Procurement IT


All our laptops, desktops and monitors are EPEAT Gold rated.

net positive


NETpositive is a tool which improves the sustainability performance of UCL's suppliers.

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Find resources and training materials to help you make ethical purchases.



UCL and UCLU commit to using, selling and promoting Fairtrade products through all of our outlets and relevant activities.