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Achievements and Progress

Follow our sustainability journey through our Sustainable UCL annual reports. They document UCL's successes and challenges towards creating a more sustainable university. You can also check progress on our Carbon Management Plan and Inclusive Environments commitments.

2022-23 Progress

  • Ongoing development of the sustainable and ‘’visionary’’ UCL East campus; 
  • Launch of the new UCL Grand Challenges programme and Climate Crisis Grand Challenge;  
  • 53% reduction in campus carbon emissions (CO2 from building energy use);  
  • 3,877 (57%) modules related to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), an increase of 1,717 since 2021-22; 
  • 100% disposable-free hospitality service and introduction of 50p disposable cup charge; 
  • 54% waste reduction rate per person and recycling rates of 59%; 
  • 125 teams participated in Green Impact and LEAF (Lab) programmes.

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People and planet - First Class award

UCL has been granted a 'first Class' award by People & Planet's University League which ranks UK universities on their environmental and ethical performance. 

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ISO14001 certificate

We achieved an ISO14001 certification in recognition of our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment. 


Additional progress reports

UCL Sustainability Bond Impact Reports 

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UCL is pleased to have launched our sustainability bond; helping us to deliver on the sector-leading commitments that we have laid out in our Sustainability Strategy. Find out more about the bond and our ambitious plans to make UCL an exemplary sustainable university.


UCL's Carbon Management Progress Reports

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UCL's new Cardbon Management Plan was approved by UCL Council in July 2016. The Plan set a target for a 8% reduction in emissions by 2018 and a 15% reduction by 2020. This report outlines UCL’s progress towards this target in 2018/19.


UCL's Inclusive Environments: Annual Report

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Everyone at UCL should have an equal opportunity to participate and contribute freely in the activities of UCL and we should be supporting everyone to achieve their ambitions. This document gives a snapshot of the successes and challenges with a focus on 2021.