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UCL Sustainability Bond

UCL is pleased to launch our new sustainability bond; helping us to deliver on the sector leading commitments that we have laid out in our Sustainability Strategy. Find out more about the bond and our ambitious plans to make UCL an exemplar sustainable university.

Sustainability Finance Framework

UCL has developed a Sustainability Finance Framework providing the flexibility to issue Green, Social or Sustainability bonds or loans (“Sustainable Financial Instruments”), to support our environmental and social objectives.

The Sustainability Finance Framework (the “Framework”) aligns UCL’s strategic and sustainability priorities with its funding and financial strategy. UCL has selected a number of key investment and expenditure areas which are fundamental to our sustainability strategy and deliver tangible environmental and societal impacts. UCL looks to attract investors who are supportive of these goals, in accordance with its own education ethos. Stakeholders are valuable partners in supporting UCL’s journey and contribution to a more equitable and sustainable society.

DNV, a provider of environmental, social and governance (ESG) research and analysis, has provided a second-party opinion on UCL’s framework. See the pdf version of the DNV assurance statement at this link. See the Word version of the DNV assurance statement at this link

Download UCL's Sustainability Finance Framework

Download the Second Party Opinion

Read UCL's 2022 Sustainability Bond Impact Report

Our sustainability strategy

Our Sustainability Strategy launched in 2019 sets out a bold vision for sustainability at UCL and is arguably one of the most ambitious across the UK HE sector. It seeks to draw on the talent, knowledge and experience within our community to deliver sustainable outcomes. We are taking lessons from our research to inform the sustainable operation of a global university, while using our operations as a test-bed for research and teaching, inspiring a new generation of sustainable citizens.

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