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UCL's Sustainability Annual Report: our progress 2019-20

This Annual Report (2019-20) reflects the progress we have made one year since the launch of UCL’s new Sustainability Strategy “Change Possible” and celebrates achievements from across the UCL community. We highlight the work we have done towards our 2024 pledges across our three Foundations - UCL Shapes the Debate, UCL Inspires Action and UCL is Run Sustainably - as well as our 3 signature campaigns - the Loop, Positive Climate and Wild Bloomsbury

Sustainable UCL Annual Report 2019 - 20

UCL Inspires Action

UCL Inspires Action is one of the three foundation programmes that embeds sustainability across our institution. 

As London's global university with a diverse community, we have the unique opportunity to inspire a generation of change makers that will take the lead on climate and sustainability action across the world. 

Headline Commitment: UCL has committed to provide every student the opportunity to learn about sustainability by 2024 through the curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular offer.

UCL is Run Sustainably

UCL's second sustainability foundation programme, UCL is run sustainably, is based on the recognition that for UCL to thrive in the 22nd century, we must make a sustainable and socially responsible way of operating the new normal. That is why sustainability is a key consideration in our planning processes and culture. 


UCL Shapes the Debate

UCL Shapes the Debate focuses on creating a dialogue with local and global communities to co-create sustainability solutions and disseminate sustainability research. 

Headline commitment: We've committed to increasing our sustainability research with a focus on the Sustainable Development Goals.


Positive Climate

Positive Climate uses UCL's wealth of climate change expertise and research to reduce carbon emissions. 

Headline commitment: UCL has committed to zero carbon buildings by 2024, and to becoming a net zero carbon institution by 2030. 



The Loop

The Loop tackles unsustainable consumption by redesigning the way we use materials and specifying the best products for people and planet. 

Headline Commitments: By 2024, we've committed to increasing our recycling rate to 85% and decreasing waste per person by 20%. 


Wild Bloomsbury

With Wild Bloomsbury, we are introducing nature-based solutions to Bloomsbury.

Headline Commitment: We've committed that by 2024, we will have created 10,000m2 extra biodiverse space to increase wellbeing and reduce the impacts of pollution in the heart of London


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