Sustainable UCL


Plastic-free UCL

Our commitment is for a plastic free campus by 2024 across all areas from catering and offices to labs.

UCL discarded over 1 million single-use coffee cups in 2018 and our Refectory used enough cling film each week to be wrapped around the campus 5 times. 

We will need to map all the plastic use across the University and Union and develop action plans to replace items with alternatives or change the way we operate and behave. This will require working with our suppliers and supply chain, and engaging our researchers to find novel solutions.

We have already developed some work areas. See our progress so far!

Photograph of Catering Equipment

Disposable Free Catering and Hospitality

We have already launched disposable free hospitality and introduced some plastic reduction projects in our outlets. 

Photo of reusable cups, tote bags and stationery

Ditch the Disposable

To save 1 million single-use cups going to waste every year at UCL, disposable cups are now priced at 15p.

Photograph of Careers Wormery

Biodegradable and Compostable?

Plastic-free has become a buzzword for sustainability. Biodegradable and compostable items can seem like a better alternative to single-use plastics, but is this really the case?

Image of Project Period event

Plastic-free Periods

The average menstrual pad contains as much plastic as 4 carrier bags. Find out about alternative single use plastic-free menstrual products, and how to buy them.

Plastic hub

Plastic Waste Innovation Hub

The hub is a multidisciplinary team of UCL researchers collaborating with other researchers, industry, government, and the public to help solve the plastic waste catastrophe.