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UCL's Sustainability Annual Report: our progress

Find out about our sustainability journey by browsing through our annual reports. They document UCL's successes and challenges towards creating a more sustainable university.

UCL's Sustainability Annual Report 2018 - 19

This Annual Report (2018-19) reflects the new UCL Sustainability Strategy that was launched in October 2019. Professor Geraint Rees, Dean of the UCL Faculty of Life Sciences and Chair of the UCL Sustainability Steering Group, introduces the report that details the activities UCL has undertaken on our 3 Foundations - UCL Shapes the Debate, UCL Inspires Action and UCL is Run Sustainably - as well as our 3 signature campaigns, the Loop, Positive Climate and Wild Bloomsbury.

Last year was quite a year for sustainability at UCL - we launched our new Strategy with bold and ambitious new targets, we continued to reduce our impact on climate change and we achieved our highest position in the University Green League. And yet, as we launch our Sustainability Annual Report for 2018/19, which celebrates some of our successes, we find ourselves in uncertain times, not least trying to navigate through new ways of working and new routines. Despite this uncertainty, I have been immensely proud of the UCL community and the response which we have made. It is emblematic of what we can achieve as an institution when we work together. 

Collaboration is at the heart of sustainability at UCL. I hope that there are some aspects of what we were doing, as highlighted in the Annual Report, that we can draw on as a community - activities that provide the inspiration for the way we might need to adapt in the future! And in this regard, I hope the Annual Report serves to offer some hope and motivation. Richard Jackson - Director, Sustainability.

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