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Sustainability Week 2019: It's Time To Take Action

28 October 2019–01 November 2019, 10:00 am–5:00 pm

Take Action

From the people who brought you FREE VEGAN tasters, BIKE REPAIRS and WILD BLOOMSBURY, we bring you Sustainability Week 2019!

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Student Centre
27-28 Gower Street
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We’ve launched our new Sustainability Strategy; UCL has divested from fossil fuels, all of our electricity is renewable, we’ll be Carbon Zero by 2030, Plastic-free by 2024 and vegetarian by 2021!

So now it’s time for you to Take Action.

Join us in the Student Centre and explore our Wild Bloomsbury installation. Our team will be on hand to talk about what UCL is doing and how you can get more involved. We will have stalls, biodegradable glitter, a forest and a photo booth!

See our events programme below, to make Change Possible today.

Sustainability Week Calendar

Monday 28th October 

What is your political party doing about sustainability?

The Debate Society hosts UCL’s Political Societies and challenges them to answer tough questions on what their Party’s stance is on sustainability and the climate crisis. 

7pm - 9.30pm / Cruciform Lecture Theatre 1

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Unicef’s picnic

Find out from UCL’s Unicef Society which populations are most vulnerable to Climate Change and how Unicef is aiding these crises. Vegan and vegetarian snacks and drinks will be provided over q&a’s.

2.30pm- 3.30pm / Student Centre Foyer

Yoga and Meditation

UCL’s Yoga and Meditation society are providing you with free yoga, so you can take time out of your busy week to destress.

5pm - 6pm / Room 728, IOE

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Tuesday 29th October

Positive Climate Market

By 2021 all meetings and events at UCL will be Powered by Plants - meaning there will be no meat! This is part of our Positive Climate Campaign, where UCL will be net Zero Carbon by 2030, find out more.

Join us at the Student Centre to find out how we are doing this, and in particular how our diet can reduce Carbon. Try UCL's new tasty vegan menu and support STAR’s (Student Action for Refugees') campaign by buying from their sustainable bake-off. STAR are raising awareness about the impact of Climate Change on the refugee crisis. Pick up £5 credit vouchers from Karma, an app which connects surplus food from restaurants, cafes and grocery stores to consumers for a lower price. UCL Zero Food Waste will also be in attendance showcasing how you can help re-distribute food waste to homeless shelters.

12pm - 4pm / Student Centre Foyer

Global Water Brigades

The Engineers Without Borders Society invite you to an evening with Global Water Brigades, an international movement of university students working alongside local communities and technicians to implement clean water systems in the developing world. 

This event showcases sustainable water systems for rural communities and Global Water Brigades approach to community ownership of their projects. You can also find out about taking part in Global Water Brigades this coming summer.

6.30pm - 8pm / Drayton House B.06

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Climate Collage

The Climate Collage is a workshop on Climate Change, its causes and its consequences. It summarises the IPCC report in 42 cards! During the workshop, you will connect with other participants, use your creativity, analytical skills and debate this pressing issue.

5pm - 8pm / The Refectory at UCL

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Wednesday 30th October

The Loop Market

Our Loop campaign is about choosing the best products for people and the planet and reducing our waste. Join our Loop Market to find out how you can help us achieve this aim. We'll be joined by Project Period who will be displaying the latest sanitaryware products which are better for your health and the environment. 

12pm - 4pm / Student Centre Foyer

Climate Change, Time for Change

What is the science behind climate change? What are the possible solutions? What will you do?

Join UCL’s leading researchers and activists to discuss the role of universities like UCL in addressing climate change.

6pm - 8pm / Bloomsbury Theatre

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Outer Space for Sustainability

Co-hosted by UCL’s Space Society and the European Space Agency: Why should we focus on space while there is climate change? Space exploration is good for the planet. We are in a time of environmental crisis, and allocating humanity's resources towards the most effective ways of tackling climate change must be our top priority. From Earth observation to spin-off technologies and the "Overview Effect", this talk organised by the UCL Space Society will outline the many ways in which space exploration improves sustainability. Book a free ticket here.

6.30pm - 8pm / Harrie Massey LT

Thursday 31st October

Make Change Possible Market

Our last market will exhibit how we can make change possible and get involved with sustainability through action. UCL’s student societies will be showcasing the work they do to make change around the world, whilst the Students’ Union Volunteering Service will show you how you can volunteer to make the world a better place.

12pm - 4pm / Student Centre Foyer

Pub Quiz 

Join us for a sustainability themed quiz within the Phineas Pub. As ever, points = prizes and it’s only a £1 buy-in.

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Friday 1st November

Get Dirty

Our plant installation needs a home! Roll up your sleeves and get dirty by helping us plant our new friends. Everyone is welcome, staff, students, friends.  No experience is needed! 

Drop in between 10am - 3pm / IOE Roof

Email Head Gardener, Susan McGrath to book a spot

Climate Positive Swap Shop

We all love fashion, but it can have a huge impact on the environment and the people who make our clothes. Join our swap shop to save money and the environment.

10am - 4pm / New Student Centre Foyer

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Repair Cafe

Mix, mingle and learn about the world of upcycling at our REPAIR CAFE, Students Centre. Bring an item of clothing and we'll help you repair it.  We will provide needles and thread, buttons and stitching advice, so join us to re-fix your loose buttons and visibly mend your moth eaten sweaters.  You can even have a go at a sewing machine to begin making all those outfits you've only ever dreamed of.

There will be free tea and coffee, but no disposables so bring your own mugs!

12pm - 4pm / Student Centre Foyer

Bike Sale

Recycle Your Cycle will be hosting a bike sale on campus. Bikes will be reasonably priced as they are second-hand. All bicycles come with a 3 month warranty.

11am - 2pm / Front Quad

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Dr. Bike

Get your bike ready for the winter months with our FREE bike maintenance sessions. 

11 am - 3 pm / Front Quad

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Veganism for Sustainability with Earthling Ed

Green Economy Society invites Earthling Ed, a prominent vegan activist, to talk about why veganism can be better for our environment and combat climate change.

6pm - 8pm / Malet Place Engineering Building 1.02

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