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Positive Climate

UCL research shows that climate change is already a global emergency. Using our innovation, research and collaborative spirit UCL has the opportunity demonstrate how it is not only possible to limit warming to 1.5°C, but also that this offers a more equitable, healthier and happier future. Our goal is to have net zero carbon buildings by 2024, and to be a net zero carbon institution by 2030.
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Zero Carbon Buildings

UCL is committed to net zero carbon buildings by 2024; see how we'll achieve this.

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Zero Carbon Travel

Becoming a net zero carbon institution requires fundamental changes to academic travel. 

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Climate Positive Food

UCL is reducing the carbon of its hospitality service; see our initiatives.

Ethical Investment

Climate Responsible Investment

UCL’s Investment Policy is centred around 5 core ethical investment principle.

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    Carbon Accountability Scheme

    Fifteen departments will take part in our pilot carbon accountability scheme to reduce carbon.

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    Our leading researchers are tackling our own impacts and demonstrating that change is possible.