Sustainable UCL


Culture and Engagement

As London’s Global University with a diverse community, we have an opportunity to inspire sustainability action on an international scale.

UCL inspires action

At UCL we have a strong sustainability culture. Our journey began in 2012, when a handful of dedicated individuals advocated for a sustainability team. Our network has now grown to over 200 Green Champions. Joined by our Student Sustainability Ambassadors, they are continuing to drive change across the institution. 

To inspire action, we aim to create a university where:

  • Every student has the opportunity to study and be involved in sustainability.
  • Our staff feel supported to be sustainability leaders whatever their role at UCL. 
  • Our community feel recognised and rewarded for their sustainability contributions.

See below, to see some of the opportunities for our community, as well as the actions they are taking to make change possible.

Image of staff receiving awards

Academic Research

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Community Action

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