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Commitments and Strategy

As London’s Global University with a diverse community, we have an opportunity to inspire sustainability action on an international scale. Learn about the commitments we have made and our strategy to make this possible.

Change Possible: The Strategy for a Sustainable UCL 2019 - 2024

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Developed by the UCL community and informed by our world-leading research, this Sustainability Strategy sets out our plan for UCL to be ever-more active in tackling the global climate emergency whilst deepening our commitment as a leader in environmental and social sustainability. 

The UCL Sustainability Strategy encourages and empowers all members of our community to do their part in co-creating a world where everyone can live together within the capacity of the planet.

We will apply our pioneering spirit, working together across disciplines, to deliver on our commitments and make real world impact. 

Download our strategy (PDF)

The Vision

There are three founding principles behind our vision for a Sustainable UCL 2019-2024.

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UCL inspires action

Because UCL students will go on to be the leaders of tomorrow, we commit to empower every student to champion sustainability during their time here at UCL, and beyond.

Rows of Solar Panels on the roof of a UCL Building

UCL is run sustainably

We will lead by example by operating in a sustainable and socially responsible way through fully integrating sustainability into our planning, processes and culture.

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UCL shapes the debate

UCL must shape the debate. As world leaders in research, we want to spark debate and co-create sustainability solutions with the wider world.

Headline commitments for 2024

There are six headline commitments for UCL to acheive by 2024.

  • Every student will have the opportunity to study and be involved in sustainability;
  • Increase our sustainability research, with increased focus on the Sustainable Development Goals;
  • Our buildings will be net zero carbon, and by 2030 our institution will be net zero carbon;
  • Be a single-use-plastic free campus;
  • Reduce waste per person by 20%;
  • Create 10,000m2 of more biodiverse green space on campus.

Signature campaigns

Our three signature campaigns bring together our teaching, research and operations to show that a sustainable future is possible.

Positive Climate will use UCL’s wealth of climate change expertise and research to reduce carbon emissions. By 2030, we’ll be generating all our renewable energy, helping our staff and students reduce the impact of their travel and be providing 100% vegetarian catering for events and hospitality.

The Loop will tackle unsustainable consumption by reducing waste and specifying the best products for people and planet. We’ll be rethinking our relationship with products, asking who is making them, where they come from, where they end up and whether we really need them at all?

Wild Bloomsbury will introduce nature-based solutions to Bloomsbury. By 2024, we will have created 10,000m2 of extra biodiverse space – equivalent to more than one and a half football pitches. Look forward to seeing green walls, brown roofs and pocket gardens to increase biodiversity and reduce the impacts of pollution in the heart of London. 

Achievements and Progress

Find out how we're doing by viewing our annual reports and progress reports.

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