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Sustainable Education

UCL's Sustainability Strategy makes the commitment that every student will have the opportunity to study and be involved in sustainability by 2024. 

Why is Sustainable Education important? 

A report published in 2021 by Students Organising for Sustainability (SOS) found that 91% of students agree their place of study actively incorporate and promote sustainable development and that 84% would like to see sustainable development activity actively incorporated and promoted through all courses.*

What is UCL doing? 

We work to ensure that UCL education is a sustainable education across the curriculum, campus, and community.

Meet our Students

Sustainable Education Initiatives 

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Welcome and Inductions

We introduce new students to topics of sustainability at the beginning of their university journey.

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Staff Resources

We provide resources for staff to embed sustainability into the classroom and to connect with each other. 

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Teaching and Learning on Campus

We offer opportunities to students and staff to solve real-life sustainability challenges on campus with a Living Lab Project.

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Student Sustainability Hub

Explore student activities from climate societies, to UCL's Student Sustainability Council and Ambassador scheme.

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Shaping the Debate

The UCL Centre for Climate Change and Sustainability Education is transforming curricula external to UCL.

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Climate Education

A UCL education is a climate education. Find out about the climate modules you can study.

Want to study Sustainability at UCL?

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UCL has nearly 200 modules related to sustainability with more being added each term. 

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Sustainable Education Network

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UCL has launched a network for academics to connect and share best practice on Sustainable Education. 

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* Sustainability Skills Survey 2020-1