UCL Human Resources


Mandatory training

New staff are required to complete UCL’s mandatory training modules. Existing staff must periodically review and update mandatory training as required (see FAQ in the sidebar for more on compliance).

 Why do you need to complete this training?

UCL is committed to ensuring a welcoming, safe and healthy working environment for all staff, students and visitors. Our mandatory training pathway and courses are designed to both support UCL’s compliance with institutional legal responsibilities, and to equip UCL staff with the knowledge to keep themselves, each other and the community safe. For this reason, this mandatory training forms part of the requirements of your probation, find out more about our probation policy below:

Core mandatory training

Listed below are the mandatory courses all UCL staff need to complete. 

You access the courses by signing into LearnUpon using your UCL user ID and password. To sign in, you will need an active user ID. This is a unique 7 letter ID (e.g. “ucccabc”) – if you do not have this, you will need to register with ISD.

You may also wish to inform your line manager once you have completed each course.

To be completed on your first day of employment at UCL

To be completed within your first 6 weeks of employment at UCL

When you complete this training, your MyHR learner record will update overnight to show this.

Role-specific mandatory training

Some training only applies if you are within a particular staff group.

The following course is mandatory for staff with recruitment responsibilities:

The following course is mandatory for all staff with safeguarding responsibilities, working with children, young people, adults at risk and other vulnerable populations:

A number of staff are also required to complete mandatory training around intellectual property. This module is required to be completed by all staff employed at grade 10 and above; academics, research associates and doctoral students; professional services research support staff (in roles such as creating and handling research outputs, supporting research proposals and collaborations); innovation and enterprise support staff (such as business managers, partnership managers and staff involved in procuring specialist services).

Staff, such as Postgraduate Teaching Assistants (PGTA), with teaching and/or assessment responsibilities are required to attend an introductory UCL Arena One Gateway Workshop once (the Arena team may approve an exemption, where a PGTA can document that they have attended a similar workshop. The Gateway Workshop constitutes the minimum professional development activity, required by the Quality Assurance Agency.