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Green Impact

Green Impact is a UCL-wide environmental competition and accreditation scheme that allows departments and divisions across the university to improve their environmental impact, support UCL's Sustainability Strategy and engage peers and colleagues with these essential issues.

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Further Information

The scheme works around an online, interactive workbook which gives students and staff the structure to make positive changes to their department or office. The workbook is flexible enough that you can pick and choose to complete the actions which are of relevance and makes the most impact. These actions are directly fed into the aims of UCL's Sustainability Strategy.

Students are trained as Green Impact Project Assistants to help teams complete the workbooks. Teams can choose to complete either a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award, which they will receive at the annual UCL Sustainability Awards! If they've already completed the Bronze Award they can complete a project of their choice! Last year 60 departments took part in the competition - this year we want more! 


If you work or study in a laboratory (e.g. Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, IT or Engineering), we have a specialist tool for your areas named LEAF. Like Green Impact, it has a set of simple criteria, which add up to a Bronze, Silver or Gold award. Crucially, this tool allows you to quantify the impact of your actions, so you can share with colleagues how much you’ve saved in pounds and carbon! The tool is managed by our Sustainable Labs Officer Martin Farley. Find out more here or contact him via email.

Staff Opportunities

Staff Opportunities

Join a network of Green Champions and follow our fun, interactive workbook to help green your department and the behaviours of your colleagues.

Student Opportunitites

Student Opportunitites

Gain skills in project management, communications and leadership by supporting Green Impact teams. Or get trained in environmental auditing and audit the teams!


Organise Fairtrade bake-offs and planting competitions with our online workbook whilst embedding sustainability into your departmental processes.


Over 50% of UCL's electricity is consumed in buildings with labs. See our labs page for resources, case studies and tips on how to green your lab.

Project Workbook


Succeeded the workbook? Why not undertake a project? Projects range from embedding sustainability into curriculum to creating biodiversity roofs.



• Bronze: Complete the 20 actions in the Bronze section
• Silver: Complete the 36 actions in the Silver section
• Gold: Complete the 51 actions in the Gold section


Teams who have completed Bronze Award may undertake a project of their choice: see the project workbook guide for scoring.

Key Dates
  • Green Impact Office Workshop: 9th October
  • Green Impact Projects Workshop: 10th October
  • GIPA application deadline: 18th October
  • Green Impact Submission deadline: 18th May
  • Green Impact Office Audits: 30th & 31st May
  • Lab and Project Audits Audits: 1st week of June
  • Awards Ceremony: Mid July
Training and Workshops
  • Introduction to Green Impact Training (Office): 9th October
  • Project scoping workshop: 10th October
  • More to come!
Green Champion forum

Join the Green Champion forum to share resources and meet and discuss sustainability topics with other UCL Green Champions.


See our resources pages to help you improve the sustainability impacts of your department, building or residence. And if there are any resources you'd like that aren't listed here, please contact the Sustainability Team.


There is £500 worth of funding available per academic year for staff, students and teams undertaking sustainability projects. Please see the Projects Guide for more information.