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Researchers events

In collaboration with The Doctoral Skills Development Programme and UCL Organisational Development, UCL Careers provides an extensive programme of careers events for UCL's researcher community, (Research Assistants, Research Students (MRes & PhD) and Postdoctoral Research Staff).

Employer-led forums and tabletop networking

A series of events, (which run once each academic year), giving you the opportunity to hear from professionals in a range of sectors, ask questions and build your business networks.

To find out more about each event, follow the links below to log in to your myUCLCareers account.

Sectors covered include:

  • Government & Policy
  • Finance
  • Technology
  • UK and Global Health
  • Life Science Sector
  • Academia
  • Careers in Communication
  • Management Consultancy
  • Non Academic Social & Market Research
  • Arts & Cultural Heritage
  • Non Academic Careers in Higher Education, Funding Bodies & Learned Societies

Careers Consultant led workshops

We have separate programmes of academic career workshops for research students and research staff while our non-academic career workshops are open to both research staff and students.

Workshops are repeated throughout the year covering topics such as:

  • Academic career planning
  • Effective academic applications
  • Effective academic interviews
  • Identifying strengths, interests & values
  • Finding non-academic jobs
  • Marketing yourself (sessions on applications, interviews, LinkedIn)

Workshops are repeated regularly throughout the year. View the current programme in your myUCLCareers account, (use the ‘Type’ filter to search for ‘Researchers workshop’), or register to receive email alerts for future workshops*.

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Employer-led skills workshops and one-to-one coaching

For both academic and non-academic careers, these workshops help you identify and develop core competencies which are vital for you to compete in the job market.

Sessions run throughout the year. View the current programme in your myUCLCareers account, (use the ‘Event type’ filter to search for ‘Researchers workshop (employer-led)’/‘Researchers one-to-one coaching’), or register to receive email alerts about future workshops*.

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*Note: Research staff will automatically receive a regular UCL Careers newsletter by email through an HR mailing list so do not need to subscribe to email alerts through myUCLCareers.