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Alumni networking

If you are a UCL student, you can stay connected with UCL’s official alumni network through social media: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/alumni/about-0.

If you are a UCL alumni, you can now find UCL’s official alumni network on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/groups/57385.

LinkedIn is a great tool for building your professional network and making connections, whether you are looking for advice from UCL alumni, interested in joining relevant sector groups, or applying for a job.

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UCL Connect

UCL alumni are a diverse and talented global community, which you are a part of for life after you leave UCL. After you graduate, you will have access to UCL Connect, the professional development series for alumni. The UCL Connect programme is dedicated to bringing professional development skill and expertise directly to alumni and students across the global UCL community. Whether you’re established in your career, moving into a new industry or considering your options post-graduation, the UCL Connect series has something for everyone.

UCL Connect ranges from in-person panels to online workshops and resources such as blogs, case studies and podcasts.