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Whether you're a student or graduate, UCL alumni can help you make the most out of your career journey. If you're considering your options and want the inside track on sectors and roles you're interested in, talking to a past UCL student could really be interesting and useful in finding out more.

Alumni mentors can help you find out more about the reality of certain jobs, sectors and professions based on their personal experiences. You'll be able to speak with them directly and ask questions to find out what they enjoy about their job, the challenges and advice on how to get into the sector.

The UCL Bentham Connect mentoring platform is an online database of over 3500 UCL alumni mentors, spanning a wide range of professions, who have volunteered to give informal advice to UCL students and graduates considering their career options. You can filter mentors by criteria such as UCL department, course studied, industry sector or job role. There are also featured mentors who are on hand to respond to questions and potentially become your mentor. 

How do I begin a mentoring relationship?

Go to https://uclbenthamconnect.com/.

You will need your UCL User ID and password.  If you find that this has expired, email or call the UCL alumni team and they will be able to give you a replacement login.  Email the alumni office, alumni@ucl.ac.uk or call 020 3108 3833.

Read our Alumni-Mentee guide to find out how to make the best use of the mentor-mentee relationship.

Remember, mentors have volunteered to be involved in this scheme so they will be keen to talk to you. Their time is valuable so do your best to work around whatever way of making contact works best for them. It's important you have an idea of what sort of information will be most useful to know so do some preparation and go armed with an idea of what you want from the conversation and relationship. Do you want to understand more about the industry in general or are you looking for specific advice about making an application?

View our networking resources for suggested questions that you could ask a mentor.

What won't it cover?

Alumni mentoring, and informational interviewing, is a great way to find out more about a job role or industry but your mentor won't necessarily be a contact from which you will definitely obtain a job. Keep this in mind.

UCL Connect

UCL alumni are a diverse and talented global community, which you are a part of for life after you leave UCL. After you graduate, you will have access to UCL Connect, the professional development series for alumni. The UCL Connect programme is dedicated to bringing professional development skill and expertise directly to alumni and students across the global UCL community. Whether you’re established in your career, moving into a new industry or considering your options post-graduation, the UCL Connect series has something for everyone.

UCL Connect ranges from in-person panels, to online workshops and resources such as blogs, case studies and podcasts. Previous recordings are hosted on UCL Bentham Connect in the Resources Library.

UCL Alumni Office connects over 170,000 former students who make up our UCL the community worldwide. Search for old classmates, discover alumni benefits or check in to catch up on all the latest news.