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Professional Development at UCL

UCL graduates are part of a diverse and talented global community rich with skill and expertise to tap into. UCL Connect is here to help you develop the knowledge and skills you need to thrive in your career long after graduation.

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Introducing UCL Connect 

Our UCL Connect programme is dedicated to bringing professional development skill and expertise directly to alumni and students across the global UCL community. Whether you’re established in your career, moving into a new industry or considering your options post-graduation, the UCL Connect series has something for everyone.

UCL Connect ranges from in-person panels, to online workshops and resources such as blogs, case studies and podcasts. Previous UCL Connect sessions have included:

  • ‘How to… Present Yourself Professionally Online’, with former BBC journalist and current teacher, Charlotte Aughterson
  • ‘How to… Lead through Disruption’, featuring Anne Bulford, former Deputy Director-General of the BBC
  • ‘How to… Be Yourself in the Workplace’, including Savitri Hensman, Co-Founder of London's Black Lesbian and Gay Centre
  • ‘How to… Build a Career in the Media’, featuring Asa Bennett, Brexit Commissioning Editor at the Telegraph 
  • 'In conversation with Darrin Woo', featuring Darrin Woo, real estate investment firm founder and director of family office Woo Hon Fai Group

We are currently working on our programme for next academic year. If you have any ideas or thoughts on topics we could feature, let us know >>

Check out some of our alumni-created resources: