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Interview coaching

If you have been invited to any type of interview, (including phone or video), this one-to-one roleplay style coaching session can help you prepare for the real thing.

interview coaching
What to expect

These appointments are one-to-one with our Careers Consultants and generally involve:

  • A role play exercise simulating questions you are likely to experience in your interview. Questions will be based upon the requirements of the role or course, as provided by the employer or institution.
  • Feedback from the Careers Consultant on all aspects of your performance in this exercise. This includes your interview style, technique and the strength of your answers for the questions asked during the role-play
  • Some self reflection to help identify example answers to show evidence of your particular skills and experience
  • Advice on further preparation and how to improve on any weak areas
  • Time for you to ask additional questions or address any other concerns you have about the real thing

As with all of our appointment types, we offer practice interviews either in-person or online, (MS Teams). Please let us know when booking if you have a preference and we will do our best to accommodate this.

What it won't cover

Technical interviews

There are a range of different industry areas where these technical interviews are common. Many of the sector specific ‘Interview preparation’ resources we provide will include tips on how to prepare for this type of interview.

Recruiters may be testing your knowledge on a specific subject area that our team may not be familiar with. As such, we will be unable to replicate this particular element of the interview process during your session.

However, we can provide tips and advice on how you should prepare for these sorts of questions in one of our shorter, self-bookable appointment types.

Book now

When you have been invited to an interview, download and complete a request form to provide information on what you are being interviewed for and what you would like to improve through the session.

Please give as much detail as possible so that we can tailor the session appropriately – failure to do so will delay the booking of your appointment.

Appointments are allocated on a first come first served basis so we would recommend sending the form in as soon as you have your real interview invite.

Due to high demand for these appointments, we cannot guarantee we will have availability before your interview. If there are no appointments available before your interview, we will keep the information you provided and contact you if there are any cancellations. We also strongly recommend that you check availability of our ‘Short guidance’ type appointments online when sending in a request form as these can be self-booked at any time, (even if you haven't yet been invited to a real interview), and used to discuss interview techniques and learn more about what to expect in case we're unable to fit you into one of our Practice interview slots.

Download a practice interview request form

Send us the completed booking form by email and we will contact you to let you know what appointment availability we have.

Note: The form it is a Word document. if you are having trouble opening the files you can use Desktop@UCL Anywhere to access your UCL desktop which gives access to Microsoft Word.