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Our alumni go on to have an exciting and broad range of careers, using the skills learnt from their DPU degrees

dpu careers
DPU Careers aims to expand and sustain a network of development practitioners around the globe and provide a space of inspiration on career trajectories. Building upon our international network comprised of professionals from different sectors, this platform provides opportunities for our DPU students to meet their peers, to share ideas, experience, and initiate collaborations. It also provides a platform for careers advice and the dissemination of information regarding jobs thereby promoting professional development.

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Reasons to become a Development Planning Practitioner

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DPU Career Sessions

We organise talks by invited speakers and network events, as well as connect our DPU alumni and students through a dedicated platform. 


A conversation with Louise Porteus
Hosted by Rita Lambert, Speakers Louise Porteus

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Perspectives on development careers
Hosted by Rita Lambert, Speakers Carolyn Stephens, Robert Block and Tricia Hackett

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Insight on development career pathways
Hosted by Rita Lambert, Speakers Margarethe Theseira and Tom Seymour

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Doing a PhD at the DPU: A step towards a rewarding career trajectory
Hosted by Rita Lambert, Speakers Colin Marx

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Upcoming events

Currently no upcoming events


Our alumni interact with and improve people’s relationship with the built environment across the globe.

MSc Building & Urban Design in Development
MSc Development Administration & Planning
MSc Environment & Sustainable Development
MSc Social Development Practice
MSc Urban Development Planning
MSc Urban Economic Development

To find out more about UCL's alumni network, visit ucl.ac.uk/alumni

DPU Alumni Stories

DPU alumni careers

View our alumni career story videos.

MSc Building & Urban Design in Development

Akil Scafe-Smith

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Lucy Warin

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MSc Development Administration & Planning

Kerry-Jo Ford Lyn

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Yang Benyao 

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MSc Environment & Sustainable Development

Elliot Aguirre

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Claudia Hizeroth

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Nidhi Mittal

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MSc Health in Urban Development

Videos coming soon

MSc Social Development Practice

Fátima Barbero

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MSc Urban Development Planning

Yiorgos Papamanousakis

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Sawsan Abou Zainedin

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MSc Urban Economic Development

Kavita Shah

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