The Bartlett Development Planning Unit



The Development Planning Unit's research has a far-reaching impact on development policy, practice and thinking.

Our research serves three main purposes:

  • to deepen the understanding of development processes and practices.
  • to interrogate the theoretical underpinnings development thinking and collective action in the public sector, civil society and private sector.
  • to strengthen DPU teaching, capacity building and advisory work

DPU Research Clusters

The DPU has four research clusters, each with sub-clusters that reflect the development of different strands of our work.

They operate as hubs for interdisciplinary discussion and thinking between staff members and research students. They also offer platforms for the development of collaborative research ideas, methodologies and activities.

EJUR cluster

Environmental justice, urbanisation and resilience

In recent years, the role of cities in sustainable development has been acknowledged to a higher degree within both academic and development communities.

UT cluster

Urban transformations

Rapid urbanisation is placing cities of the global South at the core of the developmental agenda for the 21st century.

Diversity, social complexity & planned intervention cluster

Diversity, social complexity and planned intervention

This research cluster focuses on the following social complexity in policy planning and methodology and divided cities and post conflict resolutions

state and market cluster

State and market: Development actors and roles

This cluster provides a forum for discussion and developing collaborative research ideas on long-term approaches to the governance of development transitions.



Research Projects

We often engage in research activities with academics and organisations outside of the DPU through a wide variety of interdisciplinary research projects.