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Tamer M. Abogharara

Tamer recounts experiences of studying MSc Environment and Sustainable Development at the Development Planning Unit

Tamer Abogharara

I got my BA in Archeology in May 1999, and then I worked in the tourism sector, until I joined the Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs/ Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (MSEA/EEAA) as an International Relations Officer at the Central Department for Cooperation, International Relations and Technical Support in June 2001, dealing with donor community.

Since I joined MSEA/EEAA, I did not stop my ambitions at the level of the working experience I gained in EEAA and my growing responsibilities as International Affairs Officer in charge of key bilateral and multilateral cooperation portfolios, but I expanded to the development of my academic qualifications. I applied for and earned a Chevening Scholarship from the UK, which allowed me to obtain the masters degree in Environment and Sustainable Development (ESD) from the esteemed department at the University College London (UCL).

I had chosen to write my dissertation on “To What Extend Official Development Assistance (ODA) can Achieve or Preclude Sustainable Development in the Developing Countries?” In this, I tried to answer the questions, why the ODA is not effective, or why it does not achieve its targets, looking at the attitude of both, the donor community and the recipient governments towards the sustainable development principles in practical manner.

After I finished my MSc, I came back at the MSEA/ EEAA, working with great knowledge and understanding of what I should do. Actually, the ESD course has enhanced my capacity and understanding in dealing with the environmental issues at the national level on one hand and in dealing with donor community and ODA at the international level.

It should be highlighted here that I was promoted in 2007 to be Coordinator of Bilateral Cooperation, responsible for bilateral donor activities in the field of environment and sustainable development. Additionally, I started working as freelance consultants dealing with sustainable development matters since I finished my MSc and came back to Egypt in 2005.

I am still looking for developing my career and a better opportunity at one of the international organizations to achieve my professional ambitious. In this context, I have to refer to the DPU efforts that helped me on that on building my professional and social personality through its sessions and consulting activities.

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