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Jennifer Carvajal

Jennifer recounts experiences of studying MSc Urban Economic Development at the Development Planning Unit

Jennifer Carvajal

Completing the Urban Economic Development course at the DPU was an invaluable experience that I would recommend to anyone looking to enter the field of economic development, whether in the Global North or South.

Having completed an undergraduate degree in Economics, I was looking for a course that would bridge the gap between academia and real world, practical experience. This course did just that by providing me with a solid theoretical understanding of the current debates in economic development as well as practical experience with organisations such as the GLA and London & Partners, which facilitated the transition from the Master’s programme into full-time employment.

If I were to highlight three aspects of UED, which I believe to be most valuable to people considering the course, I would say the following:

1. The theoretical aspects of the course are extremely robust and highly relevant to current debates in the field of economic development.

2. The coursework was extremely practical and prepares you for the actual work associated with the industry (ranging from preparing economic baseline assessments, and conducting stakeholder interviews to developing research frameworks).

3. The work experience we gained through working with the GLA in London and our research in Ethiopia was the one of the most valuable elements, which helped me to secure a job in the industry immediately after finishing the course.


After completing the UED course in September 2012, Jennifer began working as a Research Consultant at Regeneris, an economic development consultancy. Regeneris works with both the public and private sector in the UK and has a varied portfolio of projects that range from project and programme evaluations and impact assessments to economic strategies and action plans.

Before studying at the DPU, Jennifer worked as an Economic Researcher at the National Association of Financial Institutions (ANIF) in Bogota, Colombia. While at ANIF she focused her research on infrastructure financing and fiscal reform with reports published by the Inter-American Development Bank and the Colombian Chamber of Infrastructure.

16 May 2013